Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Two hogs

Just a quick update on the hog situation. Pretty sure that there are still two different ones. Neither has any paint marks, although on the webcam, it shows up like one has, which is weird. I thought it was Speedy, went out to check and when you actually see the hog, there is no trace of paint, can't work out why it shows on the cam but not to the naked eye. The paint I used is Humbrol modelling paint, maybe it has some kind off element in it which shows up in infra red light. If so, then it is Speedy or else the original hog from the beginning of the summer. Oh well, doesn't matter I guess, just intriguing. Anyways, the other hog definitely didn't show any marks, and has a darker face. They are both about the same size though, middle to large, no worries with the hibernation. No little ones this year, hope that's not a bad sign.

This is the first hog, who came at 6.15pm - no white on head, darker face markings

This is the one I went outside to see, white marks show clearly on the cam, but not when you see in normal light.


oldcrow61 said...

Awwww, they're lovely.

Anonymous said...

I read recently that urbanization and tidy gardens have placed the British Hedgehog in need of conservation protection. I'm sure the People's Trust for Endangered Species would appreciate your efforts.