Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Today has been fantastic weather. Went over to Pat's for lunch, and we took the dogs up the lane today because of all the rain we've had lately, it would have been too soggy in the woodland. Came back and sat outside with our cups of tea, and it was gorgeous, really warm. Quite unexpected to be out and about without a coat at almost the end of October. The weather forecasters were right at least about our "Indian Summer"

On the way home I decided to pop into my mechanic and book in for the car to be serviced next week, so meant going home a slightly different way, so I stopped and took photos of my village from high up on the hillside. Looks quite stunning from up there, and because the leaves have come down off the trees I could actually see my bungalow.

When I got home, I had a message from my isp about the broadband. Apparently because I'm on Broadband Max, and with all the messing around, I have to leave it switched on and the speed should sort itself out after three days so have to wait another two and see what happens. They also agree it's not on about the phone being connected through the box, but its not something they can do, I have to ring BT and report it, and they should come and liaise with the Council and get it done, so will give them a ring in the morning.

Think we will have a frost tonight, it's so clear out. I am going out with the bins to see if I can see the comet in the North East that's visible at present, Comet 17P/Holmes. It's been too cloudy to see it this week until tonight.

Hoggy has been tonight again, was here at 6.15, been to both dishes, pretty sure it's the same one going round. Also saw a bat at 5pm, so they haven't hibernated either. I've always assumed the ones I have here are the Pipistrelles, but having watched the Nature of Britain it could well be the long-eared ones, hard to tell really I ought to get the binoculars and see but they move so fast, but the ones I see seem a bit too big to be Pipistrelles.


Anonymous said...

I looks lovely when enlarged. I can see why you love to live there especially when the sun is shinning. It doesnt look like there are any shops or pubs in the town.

cmk said...

Nice pics, as usual. About bats: There is NO WAY I would stand around trying to figure out what kind they are! I don't do bats in any way, shape, or form. {shudder}

oldcrow61 said...

What a lovely area you live in, so green. Ah, bats! I really like them though they are around here I've only ever seen one and unfortunately that was on the road,dead, hit by a car. When Roger was in the Amazon he saw them with a three foot wing span...can you imagine!