Saturday, 1 September 2007

Saturday car boot sale and Llandysul Show

I swear to god I am never, ever, going to take any notice of the weather forecast for this area again, especially when it means I plan and look forward to something in advance. I just end up getting so bloody wound up and annoyed, it's not worth the grief.

Yesterday, on tv, and on MetCheck internet both gave a dry day. The only part of the UK to get some rain/adverse weather was to be the Northern part of Scotland. We had highs of around 19c, sunshine, with some cloud. So what happens? I wake up at 7 am to see grey skies and rain. By 9 am it was tipping down. It eased off once and then rained again. The car boot sale, although we were indoors, so it didn't matter that much, had ourselves and one other stall. I've no idea how much we took, could be okay though, because a few people did actually come and buy some stuff!

Anyway, it dried up a bit, although still overcast, but I thought to hell with it, I will go to the Llandysul Show, I have promised myself to go for years, and always forgot it was on. Well to be honest, I wish I hadn't bothered! It was £5 to get in, which was the same as the Steam Rally last weekend, but the major difference was lack of things to look at or do, unless you were completely and utterly interested in horses. There were some jumps like a gymkhana course, and occasionally someone was taking their horse round, but without any sort of announcement, so I'm not sure if it were just a fun and random thing, and lots of people trotting round with various types of ponies and horses, showing them, to win prizes. A few food stalls, a craft tent, a couple of vintage tractors and one car. The dog show didn't seem like it was ever going to materialise, so I gave up. A stall selling lawnmowers, the obligatory Salesperson shoving double glazing/conservatory leaflets in your face, also the Birds of Prey were there - they were also at the rally last week, and I didn't get the chance to take any photos, but am sure they are the same ones I took on my blog last year, oh well.... The Barn Owl was playing up and wouldn't face the camera, so the lady got him on her gauntlet and posed for me, so I then felt obliged to buy something from their stall! The best part of it was inside the craft tent, got talking to a couple of people, one who loved Cavs and was happy to chat about them and another lady next door who has a Lab with allergies, and has had to take hers to Bristol for tests and wanted to know all about Emma's problem. There were lots of home made cakes and hot pancakes being made in there, oh dear, say no more. And outside we had some chips, which were nice ones for a change. Walked round a few times, and then decided to come home. Altogether spent about £12 for about an hour and a half lol! Oh well, at least it didn't rain whilst we were there, the scenery is to die for over in the distance too.

Strange 6-legged horse...;)

My fave from the show, White pony and cute foal
Nice old Austin 7


Pete said...

nice pics jan.

barn owls are lovely aren't they

cmk said...

I LOVE owls and haven't seen nearly as many in the wild as I would like! Nice pics--thanks for sharing.

oldcrow61 said...

Great pics Jan. I want that car, but only if it comes with that cute little doggie, lol.

Janine said...

Thats a big horsie!