Thursday, 13 September 2007

My stuff for today

Day started off with something that made me smile. The sight of my Diddy Boy and Perry, one of my cockatiels, sharing a dish of tinned sweetcorn on the floor of the aviary. Awwwww. He's settled in right well in there bless. Things went downhill a bit after that though.

Well, I blogged yesterday about having front door keys cut, well wouldn't you just know they don't work. I put in lock, and you can't turn the things. So was I mad or what. Means another 26 mile round trip to get them re-done. Not that it's really a problem, I go to town regularly, but it's just that I hadn't really planned on going again before my trip up country. Still, I need something to do don't I? So off I go. Find somewhere to park that isn't a mile away from the town centre. Walk to the shop and it's sodding closed! Closed on a Thursday, I ask you? Bloody living in the dark ages or what. So I was even madder. So I thought, oh well, write it off and go and get another one done in the indoor market. Walked up to the stall, wasn't even sure if he'd be open, and he's got his back to me, fiddling around with the keys. I stood there, and stood there, and ..... eventually I said "Excuse me" I get "Yes" Still doesn't turn round. I said "Are you cutting keys" "Yes, what do you want?" So I show him. "If you leave it here and come back in 10 minutes" I said, "well, I'll take it with me" He says "Well if you leave it there it will be done when you come back, huff." So I slapped it back down on the counter, and then thought to ask, "How much will it be?" He says "£4.50" I stopped myself from saying the "f" word, and just said, "Oh no, don't worry about it" and did a rapid about turn. Bloody rip off merchant, it was £3.50 in a proper shop, and the guy was polite and civil, not an ignorant old bastard. So I still have two keys that don't work, and I shall now have to go back again before Monday!

I needed to chill after that, so thought, as it was so warm (still grey sky though) I'll take Emma down to Llansteffan for her birthday treat. A nice walk along the estuary and sands, then to the cafe for a bite to eat. So we did. It was great. Hot, hot, hot, the sun broke through the haze, and we had a tuna and cucumber sarnie, a scone and an ice cream from the cafe and sat on a bench looking out at the dunes, and do you know, it was absolutely bliss, peaceful and about the warmest I can remember it being down there, it's normally windy even on a nice day and you need a jumper or jacket.

Came home to be greeted by a pile of feathers on the front lawn, the remains of another blackbird. A hen this time. Spoilt the day really. At least I wasn't here to listen to its screams this time. I wonder which poor little devil it was this time, one of the youngsters maybe, some of the feathers were a bit speckled, just hope it wasn't my thrush. Lovely job picking that lot up, I have to though otherwise I just get upset every time I open the door.

Lovely tree

Not content with eating half my lunch, Emma found the need to do her sheep impersonation..


Pete said...

good for diddy

oldcrow61 said...

Great to hear that Diddy has settled in.