Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Wednesday - another grey day

Very warm though, so not complaining really, I don't mind these now and then, I'd rather it like this than clear with the cold wind we've had sometimes lately. Anyway, I went to town to get a couple of keys cut to give to Eileen next week so she can get in to do the guinea pigs. Also went in search of a calor gas heater for the living room. You'd think I was asking for the moon. Not a single place either sells the one I want, or sells calor gas heaters full stop. Within at least a 25 mile radius at least. I've called in or phoned about 10 places now. I will have to order one online I suppose, but I want to see the bloody thing first really, it's alll well and good seeing it on a pc screen. I phoned Delonghi themselves, and they said I had to contact Calor Gas main dealer, gave me a number, which was just a shop I'd already been to. Doh. I give up. You wouldn't think it could be that hard. Maybe I can get one up at mum's next week, at least the shops up there are in the 21st century and not stuck in the 1960s.

Anyway, took Emma round the reservoirs and was saw a strange creature in the cows field. I thought it was a tiny lamb at first. Zoomed in and it was a cat! A rare cat though, in fact I don't think I've ever seen one in real life but then I don't normally look at cats I suppose, it was just because of where it was. Also managed to get a half decent shot of the Heron, it's always there now, but I rarely bother with the camera these days.

Came home and cut the grass, it won't get another one before I go now, so hope it stays static. I hate planning stuff in advance, I just want it to be Tuesday now and I can go, all the hanging about and things to do in the interim, does my brain in, worrying about what to do, what to take, the pets and doing a list for Eileen. Oh and I had the night's sleep from hell last night. I turned the mattress over on the bed yesterday like you're supposed to, because it had started to sink on my side. What a mistake. Felt like sleeping on a slab of rock again. Tossed and turned all bloody night and woke up in so much pain at 6.30 I had to get up and use some ibuprofen rub in my knees and back. Poor old sod.
Who you looking at?


oldcrow61 said...

It's a Siamese cat Jan. I've had a few years ago.

Mary said...

Great shot of the heron. Are you off on holiday?

Jan said...
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Jan said...

I deleted my own comment in case anyone wonders, cos I made two dreadful typos! Try again....

Hi OC, yeah I knew it was a Siamese but Ive never seen one in the flesh before, I thought they were normally indoor cats, not usually in the middle of nowhere in a field, lol

Hi Mary, well not really a holiday, I am going up to my mums for a few days, sort of a working holiday although hopefully will have a nice break too. Trouble with me is I am a worrier, I shall be worrying about my pets left behind, and how much I hate having asked someone else to look after them, and the wild birds and hedgehogs too really, so it all becomes a big trauma for me!