Monday, 3 September 2007

Rare visitors today

Firstly, I am almost certain the bird I saw yesterday was a Merlin! I got a very clear view of it today, again I was in the aviary and heard the birds making a racket, this time it was just flying about overhead, circling around quite low, but making no effort to dive after anything, maybe it saw me.

The other rare visitor, although a very common bird of course, was huge Herring Gull, sitting on my telegraph pole, and then he came on my roof. Tried to tempt him down with some bread, he looked half interested, but then flew off.

Other than that, been busy in the garden today, pruning lumps out of my willow tree which was getting way too big, and trimming up the blackcurrant bushes, general stuff, I needed to cut the grass but ran out of time. My car was in for MOT today, and the good news is it passed. The bad news is that it needed new brake pads, and along with the cost of the test, and the labour and checking over the car, another bill of £137 - bloody MOTS are fifty quid now, what a rip off. 20 minutes work, just because they have some fancy new certificate. Not the garages fault though, the government are getting the rake off.

Diddy Boy has been helping around the garden today, but I put him back in the aviary about 7 oclock, he wasn't very happy, and I saw him bouncing about in there but when I went up to shut up the shed door, he'd put himself to bed in his little kennel bless him!

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Pauline said...

I had my m.o.t done today too, how strange, what are the chaces of us having them done on the same day, I had forgotten lol, should have been done in April, mine passed and cost £45, but the engine runs too fast sometimes, and to have that done will cost £90. Pauline.