Sunday, 9 September 2007

For Shirl

Well these are my ornamental grasses, I did have the name tags for them of course, but they have disappeared now!

These are two years old now

This all that's left of the one in the guinea pig run, oops.

This one lives in a tub with a tree heather, is 6 years old now


oldcrow61 said...

Nice Jan. I bought one a few years ago that looked like the one in the first picture. It didn't survive. Forget what it was called.

shirl said...

Hi there, Jan

LOL at the title :-) Thanks for taking part and posting photos - it has been great to see grasses in so many gardens. As for names it really doesn’t matter – they are a bonus :-)

However, at a glance your first grass could possibly be a type of Carex. I would say the second is a variegated Carex. The red grass is very likely to be one I have - Uncinia uncinata ‘rubra’ and the grey-blue is most likely to be a blue fescue grass :-)

I don’t remember the full names of all my grasses but I have a few labels and my books and Google helped with the rest. I have really enjoyed this posting - thanks again :-)

Layanee said...

Hi Jan: I love that you are growing a grass in a container! I may have to resort to that with Hakonechloa! Come visit my grasses if you get a chance. p.s. I want to visit Wales!