Thursday, 6 September 2007

A Woodland Walk

Had another lovely day again here, after yesterday's slight relapse. It did cloud up for an hour, big black ones too, but they passed thankfully. I decided to take Emma to the woods at the back of Lampeter, where I had been going with Irene a few times, and not been since she left. It's a wee bit lonely there, but hell, I used to go there on my own all the time, I must be getting paranoid in my old age.

It was beautiful, cool under the trees, and hot in the sunshine. Quite overgrown in places now though, I think not many people go there for some reason. Sometimes, not a sound to be heard, only the buzzing of insects. Lots and lots of Speckled Wood butterflies around, various dragonflies, only one would stay long enough for me to photograph though, they obviously like blackberries, of which there was a plentiful supply. I've got loads in my garden though, so didn't feel inclined to pick any, leave them for the woodland creatures, talking of which, below where I took the photo, guess what I spotted? Hog poo!

I found the stick I've photographed (in fact I bought it home and stuck it in my lily pot) It was just laying there in the path looking at me, and I instantly saw a creature's head. Can anyone else see it too? I see a dragon, so clearly, maybe it's me, I have a vivid imagination, but to see it in an old, gnarled stick was kind of spooky. It's now in my front porch.

Not much else to mention, wind farm thingy again tonight, I have to do the hog's dish before I go now, caught out last week cos it was pitch black before I got home,and will be again I guess. Had at least one new hog last night, a small one, which I marked with a paint blob mid back, calling him Half Pint. He returned later and I took a couple of shots of him on the webcam, will post them another time. There was an large, unmarked hog round at the back feeding dish too when I looked around midnight. Still no sign of Colin though. :(

Common Darter likes Blackberries

No fairies, I checked

Signs of autumn

Can you see a creature?

Speckled Wood


Overgrown path


oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful pictures Jan. That stick is fabulous. I would have grabbed it up in a heartbeat. Looks like an owl with wings spread to me.

Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks grand! Like the stick.

Pete said...

that darter is EXCELLENT jan

Anna said...

Ummm... looks like a stick to me!

Janine said...

Would make a cool walking stick

Karen said...

Yep, I see the dragon! I like the speckled wood butterfly, in my expereince they are one of the easier butterflies to photograph, staying still with their wings open for quite a while. Great pic of the common darter, I do love taking pic of dragonflies and damselflies, they are such interesting insects.