Sunday, 9 September 2007

More from today

Only briefly, went to car boot today, never seen so many stalls there, was searching for a few things, including a wild flower book. No luck, but I ended up getting one in Matalans and a garden wildlife book too, both of which have lots of great pics and info. However, nothing on the wild flowers that I saw yesterday though. I will have to contact some organisation I think if I can be bothered!

Up the top of the garden near my bird feeders, I thought there was a funny looking slug on the tall grassy stuff, but when I looked more closely it was a strange caterpillar. Part of it was furry, and part smooth. Something else I will have to try and id.

Well Half Pint was hungry tonight, he was here just after 8 oclock, mind you it was pitch black. Last night, I went to refill the dish round the back, as it is normally empty by the time I go to bed. Didn't bother putting the light on, and put my hand down right on his back! Don't know who jumped more! Bless him. Speedy was feeding round at that dish too earlier, so had four hogs again last night. Wonder what happened to Middy though, and the one with no marks has gone off now too. Oh well, mustn't be greedy I guess.

This one was fairly easy to find, I had an idea of what it was, but was surprised to see it's not the caterpillar stage, but the larva of an Elephant Hawk Moth.


oldcrow61 said...

What a strange looking creature. Nice shots.

Karen said...

Interesting - I looked it up, before I realised that you'd found it.

Jan said...

I just checked, it's still there, in the same place, cold to the touch, but still alive. Surely they don't normally stay on a piece of grass that long??