Saturday, 8 September 2007

What happened to Summer?

Grey grey grey all day. Some drizzle. Very, very depressing. Lights on in here at 7pm too. Put washing out on the line at 11.30 this morning. At 6pm it was still damp. Sigh. This has been the first day little Diddy hasn't wanted to come out of the aviary too. Every other day, Ive been letting him out in the garden, but although I held the door open for him this morning, he just wasn't bothered.

Went up to the farm this morning and met the dogs and cats and sheep that I will be looking after next weekend. Kate is going to do me a list, but it seems simple enough really, but I'm going back up again on Friday afternoon, for a final run through, and walk the dogs, so I know how long/where etc. There are lots of fields either side of the track, so will need to know which ones I can use - there's cows in a couple, because they rent them out for grazing, but I won't have anything to do with them thankfully! Will possibly be doing three days in October too, as well as the three weeks in November, so hope it all turns out okay, am looking forward to doing something useful actually. The house is fantastic, there's records of it dating back to the 1500s apparently, they have done a fair bit of renovation inside but still lots to do. Super place, can fully understand why they don't want 10 whacking great wind turbines about 800 metres away, will be heartbreaking for them. It's so peaceful up there.

Took Emma for a walk to Henllan by the river this afternoon, as it didn't really matter about the weather really. The woodland management had been busy clearing up the fallen trees since the last time I went there, and I was able to get through to the meadow this time. I was absolutely gobsmacked at what I saw. The field is about an acre I would guess, and left to go wild, and it was absolutely smothered in wild flowers, well a particular wild flower, which I can't find in my book, so if anyone knows what it is, I will be grateful to know. They were smothered in bees, and I thought I'd discovered a new species, because their backs were white. I then saw that it was pollen that was rubbing off on them as they climbed down the bell of the flower. The plants look like a species of wild orchid maybe, or like snap dragons, but they stand about 6 feet high. It was an amazing spectacle, every direction, just a sea of blooms, must have been thousands and thousands of them. No noticeable perfume though.

Took a couple of the falls on the way back out, water a lot lower than the last time I went there. Managed to walk right out on the rocks, Emma had to follow me of course, and wonder what I was doing.


oldcrow61 said...

Those flowers are beautiful. What a sight it must have been. Aw, Emma, what a doll.

Pete said...

funny day here. sun refused to come out.

Karen said...

I have seen these flowers before, have no idea what they are though. Very beautiful to see such a mass of them.