Friday, 7 September 2007

Cwm Tydu & A Good Laugh!

The grey oppressive skies this morning made my heart sink into my boots as usual, because we were supposed to have unbroken sunshine from dawn till dusk according to all the weather sites. However, thankfully, it started to clear about 11 oclock and I decided to make the most of another summery day and go to the beach with a picnic. Am a bit limited until the end of the month for dog friendly beaches, didn't fancy Cei Bach again, so opted for my favourite of Cwm Tydu. Trouble is it's such a small cove, not much of a walk, but at least there's the circular walk up the cliff path and back down the windy road. (And not forgetting the cafe for nice cakes, cough. )

We arrived about 12.30 I guess, Emma made straight for the water, we had a walk along, up the river and back, and then to the car for the grub. Found a vacant spot facing the sun near the shoreline. Just started to eat and read my Alan Titchmarsh book, and an elderly couple started to set up their stuff about 12 feet away I suppose. Well after 10 minutes I decided to move. Talk about verbal diarrhoea. She never shut up, nag nag nag. Poor bloke, felt sorry for him, had to trudge back to the car twice to get her an umbrella, then something else. I could stand no more of it. I just wanted a bit of peace and quiet.

Mistake number two was taking a teeth cleaning type bone for Emma to chew on and leave me to eat my stuff unmolested. The beach there is that fine gravelly stuff, sand at the top, loads of big pebbles too, but mainly miniscule sized gravel. I gave up trying to take it off her but she kept spitting it out. Finally managed to grab it and give it a rinse in the sea, and tried to get her to eat it on a rock, but no, she was having none, back in the gravel. She didn't really want it I think, that was the main problem, she wanted what I had. Naturally. Oh well, I put it back in the bag in the end, and she didn't seem too bothered.

Well to the laugh. You will see a photo below of some guys going diving with all the gear. Notice one guy with a shaved head? Well they went off and you could hear them being instructed how to do stuff. I went off up the cliff with Emma and watched them going further out, and then was out of sight coming back down the road. Meantime, there were some people with a black lab on the beach, who looked like Emma's friend Ben. So when we got back down, Emma wanted to go see this dog, and go back in the water (typical as I'd just got her dry) So this dog was very playful, running into the sea, not particularly interested in Emma though. Meanwhile, the guy with the shaven head had obviously had enough, and was making his way back in toward the beach, floating on his back. Head first. Toward the dog. Who at this point leapt into the sea and swam toward the head. At the last moment, the dog realised this head wasn't a ball, just as the guy realised there was a dog about to take a lump out of his head! Both jumped in the air out of the water, the dog kind of turning in mid air. OMG it was the funniest thing ever, not easy to describe, but hope you can visualise it. I'm not sure who was more shocked, the guy or the dog, lol. The guy got out of the water laughing, and said to me "I've recently had a hernia operation too, so jumping like that didn't do it a lot of good!" Talk about too much information..... hahaha

Another great day anyway. Hope this weather keeps up. Forever. :)

Emma and The Bone (it's in her mouth)

Rock Pipit I think (dark legs?)

Emma and The Bone again

The Scuba Divers

Lots of these big fat spiders dotted around in the gorse up the cliff path. Handsome guy isn't he?


Pete said...

rock pipit i guess. water pipit in winter plumage VERY similar but prob this time a Rock Pipit

oldcrow61 said...

Looks like it was a great day there. Laughed out loud when I read the story of the diver and the dog. Great looking spider.

Karen said...

Looks like you had a beautiful day! LOL at the bald guy and the labrador.
The Rock Pipit is cute. When I was walking Taivas yesterday I'm almost certain I saw a Tree Creeper - wasn't quick enough to get a photo though. Is there any other bird that creeps up the tree trunk quite quickly? It was quite small.

Eagleseagles said...

Karen sounds like Treecreeper if it was a bit like a mouse and tiny!!

Jan I laughed!! Thanks!!