Sunday, 30 September 2007

Swansea, good time, disappointing end

Today a friend from the windfarm protest group that I belong to was doing a sponsored parachute jump, along with her son, to raise funds to go toward our legal fees for fighting the development alongside our village. She was told to be there for 2pm with the jump planned for 2.30. A number of us went along to Swansea airport to support her, and I got a lift with one of the other members, which was great, the first time I've been driven anywhere in months!

Anyway we got there and met up with everyone just before 2 o'clock, and to cut a long story short, the weather had been bad this morning, and they had only started doing the jumps at 1pm, consequently there was a backlog. I hadn't realised how popular it is, there were loads of people waiting, they can only do 4 or 5 people at a time. Anyway, the weather was now fabulous, and we watched lots of people coming down, I was getting very excited for her, and wishing I was doing it too. Eventually, it got to be her turn at almost 6 pm. We got through the afternoon having lots of coffees, teas and cakes,(thank you Terence - why isn't he fat I ask myself, so unfair....) By this time, the light had faded considerably and we were a bit fed up that the photography and professional dvd that was being done wouldn't be very good. The cloud had built up too. Anyway, they eventually took off and we could hear the plane even though we couldn't see it. Over on the place where they were due to land there were four guys who are there to help catch them and make it a safe landing. Suddenly, they started to walk back toward the reception, and then and we were all saddened to find out that it had been aborted, too much cloud, and unsafe and too dangerous to jump. What a terrible disappointment for everyone.

It's now got to be rearranged, and we will go through it all again I guess, such a shame, damn this weather, although really, we couldn't have wished to a better day, we all thought they obviously take on too many clients per day, there were still some people due to go after Helen, who never even got the flight, at least she had that bit of it.

Didn't get home till an hour after dark, had to rush around doing the hogs dishes and there were two on it almost instantly, lol, they must've been waiting for me. Emma was rescued by my neighbour after a quick phone call at 5 oclock to say I'd be late, and has she been spoiled rotten by the sounds of things, having been fed chicken and lamb! She still had her dinner here though!

As I write this, little Colin has just appeared on my front feeding dish, bless, he's still around then, he is the only one using this dish now though I think, he comes a lot later than the others, I wonder if he's coming quite a distance to get here.

Got a busy week ahead now, dentist and shopping tomorrow, then three days at the farm, possibly 4, on standby to do Friday too now, but I don't mind, looking foward to it.

Will post the pics from today anyway, even though I will probably be doing almost the same ones again in the not too distant future...

Someone earlier who was a lot luckier
The plane waiting to go
Kitted up and ready
Making their way to the plane


Mary said...

You wouldn't catch me jumping out of a plane! Hope your friend is lucky next time!

oldcrow61 said...

It's a shame your friend didn't get the chance to jump. She must be a brave sort, you wouldn't get me up there. Really enjoyed the pictures.

nicola said...

Hey its a sign, you should DO IT!!! What a buzz that would be huh ?!