Monday, 24 September 2007

I'm back

Well had a week's break from blogging, mainly due to the fact that I had to use dial-up to access the net at my mums! How did I ever manage? Well I guess I didn't look at websites that had lots of photos for a start. It's hard to get back into the swing of things right now too, I am struggling to be bothered to do this really, or even look at my normal stuff on here, I'm in a strange mood really. I am fighting with various feelings about things I would like to do, and things that I ought to do. Mainly it boils down to should I go or should I stay. It's not something that I shall rush into, lots to take into account, the main thing I hate hate hate about where I live is the bloody weather. I've spent the week up at mums wearing a t-shirt, or only very occasionally a lightweight fleecy top, the coats stayed in the car. I got back here yesterday, and could feel the chill in the air before I even crossed the Severn Bridge. Stepped back into my home and it was like walking into a fridge. I had to put on the oil filled electric rad, the gas oven and the fan heater to try and warm the place up. Utterly ridiculous, it was around 10c colder in here than anywhere I went last week. So fed up it's untrue. Then of course there's the rain. It apparently has rained a lot here whilst I was away. It rained for about an hour where I was all week, and hardly made any impression at all on my mums grass. Here, it's squelch squelch, was back less than an hour and had wet feet and socks like I have for about 300 days of the year. I really have to do some serious thinking, but the main tie as always is my birds and cockerel, and of course, I do have some friends here that I would miss, and a very nice neighbour now too. I love the scenery, and most things but I don't know how long I can tolerate the cold, damp weather. I ached like hell again today, my knees hurt and my back, never got any of that in the warm dryness at mums.

Anyway, I had a good time away, had a yummy chinese meal with Nic, a day long visit with my mate Irene at her new place in Shoeburyness, and a meal out with her and her mum at lunchtime, and a great day out with Pete on Saturday at Hatfield Forest, where I saw my first ever Green Woodpecker, thanks to the loan of his bins! I did a fair bit of stuff for mum, repairing her shed and the drive gates mainly, much to her annoyance at first, but then gratitude. We nearly came to blows about me doing it, in the end I just pretended I was going off shopping for something else, and came back with all the stuff and started doing it. I did manage to get her out for a few hours too to Tesco, and for a spot of lunch at Fairlands, but it wasn't particularly successful, too windy, and she got all uptight and couldn't eat more than a tiny bit of her sandwich. She wouldn't come to Irene's with me, she is so set in her ways now, so I didn't want to force her or nag too much, that wasn't my idea at all, the last thing I want to do is upset her, but it is terribly frustrating when I really wanted to treat her and give her a nice time, and really all she wanted to do was the normal stuff (sitting doing her puzzles and watching Soap after Soap on the tv...........)

Oh well, I took a few photos on the Saturday, Emma had a good time and so did I. Was so lucky with the weather too.

Oh and has anyone seen the latest Bag for Life from Pets at Home - piccie below. Well worth 20p! I just had to buy it.

Photos from Saturday at the Forest

Beautiful trees

One of mum's plant baskets, she has done loads, garden looks lovely

Starlings on her tv aerial

Lovely sunset, there was a fab one on Thursday which I saw from the A1M in the car


Anonymous said...

Just wondering where the two places are that you and your mother live? You live in Wales. Its seems a tiny bit rustic. However that Tesco's is the place you shop and is in your mother's area as well so perhaps your Wales address is not very rustic. The farm with the collies sounded nice. And so are the seaside photos. Why cant you take that wonderful chicken to live in the town your mother lives in I wonder?

Jan said...

Where mum lives is way too populated now, it used to be ok back in the 60s, was a nice little village, but its within commuter distance to London, and is surrounded by two motorways now. The noise, rush and tear, and the crime rate from local yobs is second to non. They have just installed CCTV cameras to try and combat it, I mean, in a village? It had the highest crime rate in Hertfordshire. Shop windows smashed in night after night. Mum hates it, but she is too set in her ways to move, being elderly they would only give her a small flat or bungalow, and she won't be without her garden. It's hopeless. There's no way I could have my bird aviary or the cockerel in that area. I would however, consider moving somewhere within say 30 or 40 miles where there is still some sanity, and I could visit mum weekly. I just don't know at present what to do. I like most things about here bar the shitty weather, and the distance between us and some of my other friends. There is no easy way, I only wish there was, unless I win the lottery of course... :)

Mary said...

Such difficult decisions and you are right not to rush into anything.Something to mull over for a while before coming and think about all the pros and cons.

shirl said...

Aww ... Jan :-)

Take time and don't rush into things. Make yourself lists - the good and the bad for moving. Give everything points. Then ... go with your heart (and your wallet)! Then ... leave it two weeks and make the same lists again. I could keep this going to many levels but I have no intention of influencing you either way :-)

All the best :-)

nicola said...

Its a difficult choice thats for sure, dont rush into it

Janine said...

Thats a really nice carrier bag. Cute! Glad your trip went ok.