Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Feels like winter already

Today has been absolutely freezing, the wind was strong and northerly and heavy showers this morning, typically as I had put washing out on the line because it looked like the sun was going to stay out finally. I was already in the car and about to set off out with Emma, so it stayed on the line.

Thought I'd take her down to Ferryside on the south coast, away from the wind. Wrong. It was so strong blowing down the estuary, it was hard to stand up. Oh well, we had a fair walk, she had a paddle, and then I thought we'd get a few chips (for a change) a cuppa, and I'd have a look round the pound shop. Wrong again. The cafe was shut, looks like it's shut for the winter already! Unbelievable. The pound shop was open but nothing outside, a right waste of time.

Stopped by at McDonalds instead, and then Tescos to fill up. The car did 51mpg as normal, which is pretty good, I did over 800 miles last week.

Now not in the best of moods, as have just phoned mum to find out if she's okay with the cold and able to work the fire which I finally installed for her last week after all these months. I told her over and over again how to work it, but it has gone in one ear and out the other. She says she pressed all the knobs and couldn't get any heat, and has put the old one back. I am bloody livid with her, she is not senile, she just doesn't listen. So then she started on about last night, and why I didn't answer the phone instantly,(I got "Where are you" on my mobile, like I am still 12 years old and living at home) as if I have to have the phone impregnated in my hand, and then "what am I eating" So I said "chewing gum, aren't I allowed?" So she put the phone down on me. FFS.

I promised Emma some chips

The cafe was shut. Tsk.


Pete said...

so did emma get chips?

nice pics

and parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oldcrow61 said...

That Emma, such an expressive face. Beautiful colours in that first photo. Aren't parents frustrating at times, lol.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures Jan. I know exactly what you are saying - my elderly in law tries to turn on the tv with the portable phone everyday and calls the repair company. Emma looks so cute.

Mary said...

Emma looks like she had a good time.The cold wind is here as well and right now it is raining.

Jan said...

Blimey Mary, perhaps I won't move down your way after all - it's been gorgeous here today. :)

Karen said...

Such beautiful, peaceful beaches.