Monday, 21 January 2008


Awful, awful weather but decided I wasn't going to spend the day stuck indoors. I went to the Car Boot sale at the showground (it's indoors at this time of year) because I was looking for something specifically. Something I'd been thinking about getting for a couple of weeks or so, looked at the new ones and wondered if I could save myself a few bob on a second hand one. No such luck of course, so I thought I'd go to Llanelli for something to do.

The car park that I go in there for the town centre means you have to walk through JJB Sports to get into the complex, and I saw what I wanted in there instantly, fell in love with it, and bought it. So I am now the proud owner of .....tada *drum roll*
An Exercise Bike.

Mum sent me money for Christmas and I hadn't bought anything with it, nothing I particularly wanted, but because of my dieting I want to get fitter too, but the possibilities are a bit limited because of the area and my health, so I did some research and read that these are good for building stamina, burning calories and most importantly trimming up the flab on the lower regions!

I also got a bargain pair of Reebok trainers in the sale, reduced from £49.99 down to £20. Very pleased with my purchases. Set it up when I got home and have had a few goes since, seems ok, don't think I've wasted my money anyway. Burned off a couple of hundred calories already. It's something that I can sit on whilst watching tv, and get myself warmed up a bit instead of sitting on the sofa doing nothing, so hopefully will save on fuel bills a bit too!

It has a speedo, pulse rate, calorie burner, mileage covered etc. You can adjust the pressure as your legs get stronger. It folds away if you can be bothered (which I probably won't be) Sits nicely down the side of the sofa out of the way, or if I have company (haha, that will be the day) it can go in the bedroom, that's why I chose pink. :) The only downside I've found so far is that the "comfortable" saddle is torture, my poor bum. I've tried sitting on a cushion on it, but it's not a lot better. Oh and it was a bargain price too reduced from £79.99 to £54.99, which was cheaper than any I'd seen online that folded.