Monday, 21 January 2008


Been very busy today. Had, just had, to clean out the poor birds in the aviary. I'd been putting it off because it meant disturbing the mousie-who-lives-in-the-shed. (well I never need much of an excuse to not clean out the aviary...) The little nest is down the side of my woodchip bale, and I also needed the paper-based litter that I use on the main floor of the shed, which meant moving my sun lounger, my pressure washer, and a bit of worktop, and an old rug very carefully so nothing fell on the nest. Well having done all that, I lifted up the rug and you wouldn't believe what fell out of it....

Well maybe you would. Bloody hell! I'm beginning to wonder if it's a hamster not a mouse now! I didn't know they stashed their food. It looks like every thing I've fed it in the last two weeks had been stored in the rolled up rug! I put a little dish of food in there every night for him/her. Sometimes, I fill it in the daytime and it's always gone before nightfall. Poor little bugger. Anyway, with all the banging and crashing and moving stuff around, I thought I would have scared it off for good (I wonder where it was hiding all this time, it wasn't in its nest..) I left a few bits in the dish, and that disappeared too by this afternoon. When I looked this evening, some of the stash has disappeared too so it's been busy, probably stuffing it all back under the rug!

Also cleaned out the guinea pigs, and popped round Helen's to try and sort out her pc problems (no luck though, I don't know what's up with her computer) She is going to buy a laptop having seen mine!

Took Emma to the park, the river was right over onto the field though, so could only get halfway round, was enough though really. I wanted to bath her today as we are going to see Damien tomorrow, but have run out of time. I may see if I can do it in the morning though, and will go to the afternoon surgery. Tee hee, can't wait. Silly cow! :)


oldcrow61 said...

I expect mice store their food as do other rodents. He/she has quite a stash there, lol. Can't wait to hear about your visit with the lovely Damien. (Grinning here.)

Anonymous said...

Hee, he, all creatures great and small...what wee adventures these provide!