Saturday, 12 January 2008

New Quay again

Absolutely beautiful day here today for a change. Blue skies, no wind, so I thought I'd take a trip to the beach as Emma has had a pretty lousy week, walk-wise, and it's her favourite on the sands and in the sea. (Not to mention what comes after I guess - well ok then - CHIPS)

When we arrived the fishing boats had just finished unloading their catch, well although I eat fish, I was kind of glad I didn't see them somehow, but it was nice to see the boats so close up. The sea was beautifully calm, and there were lots of kids paddling! Well the idea was they had wellies on, but they had gone in much deeper of course (kids will be kids..!)

Bought some chips, of course, but I only had a few of the crispy ones, and Emma and the gulls had the rest, I reckon I had about 300cals worth, so not too bad. I didn't bother with the photos this time as I did it not so long ago, this time there were lots more Herring gulls though, and a couple of Jackdaws got some too.

Had a great thrill this morning before I went. Looked at the peanut feeder hanging outside the kitchen window and nearly fainted - a Long tailed tit! What a beauty. He flew off when he saw me, but then I looked across and there was another on the peanut feeder up by the aviary. A first for me. There has been a small flock of 8 or so up in the hawthorn tree (which isn't there any more) very fleetingly in the past, like I mean for ten minutes, but they have never stuck around and certainly never come on my feeders. I seriously thought that now the tree was gone they would never be here again either. Wow. Such beautiful, tiny little birds. Got a pic of him anyway, although not brilliant, just for proof!

Also on the way up to the coast, there was a Buzzard sitting on the fence by the side of the road. Couldn't stop - car behind me, but was amazed he was still there when I came back a couple of hours later. Got him that time, no traffic. I did pull alongside a bit closer, but he flew off then dammit!

Oh well, back to normal now here, clouded over and about to rain by the looks of things. Knew it was too good to be true! Yay one of my favourite programmes is back tonight too, can't wait - Primeval. The last series was brill. Hope this is as good.

Felt all arty when I saw this, the way the boat was lying against the smooth sand - oooer!

Did someone mention chips?

The L.T.T.

Mr Buzzard


Karen said...

Lucky you to get a long tailed tit in your garden, they are such pretty little birds. All the birds are still steadfastly refusing to come to my feeders, don't know why. I've now thrown away and replaced all the food so we'll see if that helps. Can't afford to keep doing that. I would love to see a buzzard this close in the wild, fabulous!

oldcrow61 said...

Love the pictures. That boat on the sand does look arty.

Mary said...

I love longtailed tits and i am lucky they often visit my garden. Looks like you had some nice weather , we did too., but it is raining again now. Oh and I like your Kitchen colours.