Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Not much to blog about today, except the usual stuff about the weather. I am beginning to wonder if it will ever be dry again. Yet another day of blustery winds, mist and heavy drizzle. Still mild though. All those logs I bought the other week, and I've not needed to light the fire since....typical.

Most exciting thing was again to do with birds, nothing tragic today thankfully, but I discovered that I have a whole string of Sausages! My No 1 Sausage appeared waiting for his mealworms, and as I threw him one, Sausage No 2 appeared on the fence so I threw him one too. No 1 then attempted to chase, but I threw another one, and then there was a truce and they happily received them in turn. No 2 is timid though and took his up onto the top of the fence the second he had them in his beak, whereas No 1 will stay on the lawn to eat his. Me thinks they are a male/female combo, I guess they will maybe pair up eventually and all this bravado is just playing hard to get.

So I went up to the main feeding area and what do you know, two more Sausages in the holly, definitely courting! And I could hear another one singing up in the tree. One of these Sausages came down almost to my feet for a suet pellet, but then dived back into the holly, I was wondering at first if it was Bouncer, but don't think so, too timid.

Other than that, took Emma down to the river near the vets, round the park is a waste of time at present, half of the path is under water from the flooded river, and it was too blowy, would have got soaked. Along the river where the canoes go is at least sheltered, we went there yesterday also, it's not too muddy surprisingly. Have to keep Emma on the lead though, she still has a paddle in the pools, but the main river is raging, won't take any chances, one slip and she would be gone.

News on the exercise bike to finish. Well I'm getting on well with it, I've now moved it into the bedroom however, looks better in there and it's not affecting the amount of times I use it, in fact it may even be more. I am trying to keep to doing three five minute sessions at least every day, lunchtime, teatime and just before I get in bed. So far I have cycled 18 miles, at an average speed of 20 mph (which has increased without effort, it was only 17 mph when I first started) and I've burned 652 calories. How accurate the readings are I have no idea, but hope that bit is correct. If I can burn off 1000 cals a week, it will be like a whole day's food nearly, which will be brilliant. I can feel that it's doing good, my legs aren't as stiff, which is unbelievable. My bum still hurts but I think that's a good sign! It's certainly not putting any strain on my back or knee joints so far which is the bit I was worried about. Yay!


oldcrow61 said...

Hey, that's great that the bike is working so well for you. You must be so pleased with it. And...all those Sausages, wow.

Anonymous said...

I think the most important thing with the bike is raising your heart rate and and other than that is keeping Emma out of the raging torrents. That sounds horrifying. I think you said that the bike had a heart rate monitor on it. There is some way to calculate the appropriate heart rate zone. Probably should keep it there for 15 minutes.

Anonymous said...

I need a piece of exercise equipment. Walking is not enough.