Thursday, 24 January 2008

Don't faint but.....

... it didn't rain today! What's more, it was like the first day of spring. Beautiful blue skies, sunshine, no wind. Bit chillier of course, but always happens when the clouds disappear at this time of the year.

Took some photos by the back door this morning of Sausage, and an inquisitive Blue Tit, then went to do a bit of shopping, didn't need much but was out of milk and a few veggies. I went earlier than normal incase the weather changed, then decided that it was too nice to just plod round the reservoirs today, so we went to Ferryside. I thought it may be windy down there, but it wasn't too bad, I've felt colder in June! We walked and walked and walked a bit more, as the water was the lowest I've ever seen it there, right out and round the point of the estuary into Carmarthen Bay, the furthest I've been ever down there, and we could see the dunes of Burry Port in the distance. Fairly fast walk out and slightly slower back, but all together walking steadily for around an hour, so I reckon we did about three miles. I couldn't have done that four months ago before I lost weight. Poor Emma is now completely knackered, but she needed a decent walk, hasn't had a lot of exercise for a while now. She went in all the pools as usual, several which were out of her depth, which resulted in much snorting! I only took my phone with me as the batteries were being charged up in the camera at home, but the pics have come out pretty well I think, good enough for blogging anyway.

Fingers crossed for a dry day tomorrow, as Barry and Christine are going to come over on Saturday and help me get those fence panels up at last. I will try and slap some cuprinol on them at least one side tomorrow. Please don't let it rain again....

Sausage enjoying the sunshine

Llansteffan across the estuary

Burry Port in the distance


Pete said...

i can live with a touch colder for no rain and gorgeous skies like those

give it dry saturday

oldcrow61 said...

Good heavens Jan, it looks like spring over there. I envy you that. Hope you have a good day for the fence repair. Great pictures.