Friday, 4 January 2008

So busy, time is flying by

I think it's three days since I last blogged? I lose track of time, I know it's Friday (isn't it??? ) Anyway, in an effort to keep this going I will try and remember what has happened in those three days. I can't believe people actually read this though, I really do it as a diary to myself, I enjoyed reading back some of last year's blog the other day. I could never be bothered to keep a proper diary now, my handwriting is attrocious anyway, my brain thinks faster than my hand can write and it ends up practically illegible. Thank goodness I can type reasonably fast, even then I get ahead of myself sometimes.

Well, the last day at the Farm was eventful. I thought one of the little lambs was dead when I went with their feed, it was lying motionless on its side, with its back legs in the food trough. It moved its head a little as I got close though, I had the bucket full of pellets, and in my panic to get to it to help it, I slipped on my arse, SPLATTTT in a load of shit and mud. Great. Especially as I was going straight to town from there to avoid going home first. Anyhow, I managed to get the lamb righted and he tottered away very unsteadily. I think the poor thing had been down all night. Obviously with its feet in the trough, it couldn't get any leverage to get up again. It's a good job I got there early, it was only just light, and for some reason, I decided to do their feed first that morning, normally they were last, and it would have been about another hour before I got to him.

Erm, so the builders were up doing some work, so I carefully went in the porch toilet, took my jeans off, cleaned the bum of them (it wasn't too bad in the end, but very smelly........) put them back on and sat on the rayburn in the kitchen for a while to dry them!

Next there is a HUGE ewe lamb which is twice the size of most of the others, very white and fluffy, and anyone who watches and loves Shaun the Sheep as I do, will appreciate the hilarity of this next bit. I got jostled and shoved when I went in their field with the feed bucket as usual, and she TROD ON MY FOOT. So I went Arggghhhhh Gerrofff very loudly, and the others all backed off too and went BAAAAAAA! There is a scene in one of the Shaun episodes where the huge ewe treads on Shaun's foot, and he is leaping around holding his leg and this just came into my mind, and I nearly pissed myself laughing.

I managed to get Barra and Skye's new beds sorted out with beanbags made from pillowcases too, and nice clean fleecy blankets for them.

Left a note for Kate explaining everything. She phoned me when they got home about 8.30 and was very pleased with what I'd done, and invited me up for coffee for Thursday morning, which was okay because I needed to get stuff done in the afternoon.

Yesterday I popped up for about an hour and then went to Tescos and Wilkinsons in the afternoon. I spent two hours in Tesco! Mainly because I met an amazing girl, well woman I guess, and we ended up chatting for about half an hour. She could have been my daughter, my god, we were so alike in our tastes. We started a convo because we were both choosing Healthy Options ready meals. Ended up talking about all the additives and contents and which ones we like, and it was quite gobsmacking really how much we had in common. She couldn't eat a lot of things anymore, poor girl had had a brain tumour :o( She was in her early thirties, and I would so liked to have her as a friend, but I doubt I shall ever see her again, isn't is strange how you can meet someone in a chance situation like that and get on so well? We met again in the booze aisle, I was picking up a bottle of Portugese rose, and yep, you guessed, it was her favourite tipple too. So weird. Her mum was around somewhere, she said hello to us once, and carried on with her shop!

Finally got to take Emma for her walk round the reservoirs just as it was getting dark! Was nice yesterday though, dry but very cold.

Okay so now to today. Well my fence panels came at about 10.30. I forgot to mention, I ordered them Wednesday, and was surprised they could deliver so quickly but still, great, except the price. Anyhow, was a bit of a nightmare, they sent one guy with them, so I went to help him. First one was okay, a five footer, and was dry, but the the three six foot ones were soaking wet and weighed about half a ton each! I had to give up helping him on the second one, I could feel my back going. He had a little trolley thing but he still had to lift them on his own poor sod, he was quite elderly too, must be pushing 60 I reckon. Still he obviously hasn't got a bad back - yet. So we got them round the side. I think the 6 footers will be staying there a while too, I will have to find someone to help me with those, but I managed to get the 5 ft one round, cuprinol the side that goes to the neighbours side, clear away all the broken one away and dump it down the bottom of the garden, and get it fixed up. I still have to cuprinol the side facing me, but god knows when I shall be able to do that, as the heavens opened not long after I put it up, and the weather has turned terrible, blowing and lashing down since about 2 oclock. So there's a change, not!

I may see if I can get Barry and Christine over to help me with the others, but there's no rush for them, at least the fence is still standing (just) where they have to go, and they are soaking wet (even wetter now) so won't want them up till I can treat them.

Popped down to the village to pick up some bird food and my prescription, but had to come home with Emma and no walk, it was just raining too hard. She wasn't bothered though I think. OMG I nearly forgot, guess who I walked into (almost literally) as I was about to go in the chemists? DAMIEN! Swoon! A big smile, and a big hello. Thank goodness my hair was okay and I had some lippy on! I shall be seeing him next week with Emma, she's due her yearly booster injection, and I need some more heart pills, her last one will be on Monday, so definitely have to go Tuesday. Lucky they just lasted out, I was thinking I would miss my chance because Christmas and New Year were Tuesdays, how inconsiderate (the only day he takes surgery) Smirk. :)

Lastly, I lit my open fire for the first time in years, had to get all the grate and stuff back out of the shed, but I had this huge bag of papers that needed burning, private stuff that I couldn't be bothered to shred, and didn't want going in the bin, so got that going and put some logs on, and it's fab! I think I may get some logs and have it on now and then, so cosy. I can't be doing with coal though, so bloody messy and heavy, and storage is a problem.

So that's about it, exciting wasn't it? Am now half an hour late in getting the tea done, but if I didn't do this now, don't know when I would. Oh and I don't know if/when I shall be on chat folks, too much good stuff on telly again at present, I'm not sure about Big Brother though, wasn't too keen on the opening night last night, but will give it another try. Also some great stuff on tomorrow, so is doubtful I will be around tomorrow night.


Pete said...

two super photo opportunities missed with the falling on your arse and the sheep :D

I reread mine from time to time to remember good times.

Jan said...

Yeah, I will have to train Emma or one of the farm dogs to use a camera for next time....!

And the best photo opportunity missed was outside the chemist as far as I'm concerned. ;)

Anonymous said...

pretty funny about you being in the middle of a shaun the sheep episode! How about bringing Damian a little Christmas gift when you go in for Emma's visit? You could knit him a hat. Or just tell him you are going to knit him a hat.

oldcrow61 said...

Ha, ha, wish I had been there with a camera when you were at the farm. You do have the oddest things happen. Whoo Hoo, imagine bumping into the delightful Damien. Got quite a rush did you, lol. Can't say I blame you, he is rather cute.

Jan said...

Anonymous, you do say the funniest things! Made me roll up with laughing. I think Damien would look fantastic in a hat though, a bit like Simon King does, hides the bald head a treat, looks very sexy. I don't think I'd have the nerve though, it was hard enough asking him for the photo that time, I still cringe when I think about it! :oD

Karen said...

Lol Jan, you can always make me smile! (The Shawn the sheep bit, NOT you falling on your arse!)