Friday, 11 January 2008

Other stuff today

Had a result with the logs. I phoned a number in our local trade paper, and they said a bag of logs was £3, which is only pence less than I was paying for them at the garage, but I would rather support a local guy than a garage so said I would call and collect some. I didn't know how big the bag would be either, maybe get more for my money. Found out the place was only a mile or so from my favourite walking place by the river, so combined the two (yes, it didn't actually rain today, don't faint) Wind has turned round to the north though and it was bloody cold, but still a lovely walk, river raging though, about to flood over if we get any more.

Anyway gets to the wood yard, and the bags of logs are the same ones as the garage - he supplies them! So I said, oh, they are only the same price to buy from the garage, and he says well I'll let you have them for £2.50 then. He wanted me to drive the car down the yard, but I said erm, don't fancy that - it was about 6 inches of sludge! So he gets his truck, drove down, came back and says you can have 5 sacks for a tenner! Yay! Well chuffed, I said thanks I shall be back in that case. Nice man, very nice man. (And no, I didn't fancy him in case you're wondering!) Bit of a struggle getting them round the back of the place and into the cupboard though, used the wheelbarrow, but they were heavy, and of course, very wet. So done my back the world of good again.

Nights are drawing out, birds were still feeding at 4.30 tonight, already almost an hour later than the beginning of December. Saw the first greenfinch back today, since they were all wiped out. Hope this little fella will be safe.

Was a fantastic sunset tonight, not really done justice with the photo, it was the best of the bunch though, tried all sorts of with flash/without. There was just this strip of all colours of reds and orange just above the line of the hill. Looked fab.

Nothing like a real fire eh?

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oldcrow61 said...

Beautiful sunset Jan. Great that you got a good buy on the wood.