Saturday, 5 January 2008

Can't get motivated

Dunno what happened today, I just kept pacing around and looking at stuff that needed to be done, and just couldn't be bothered. Feel very tired although I had a fair amount of sleep, it's because my B12 injection is due I suppose. The budgies and guinea pigs need cleaning out. Christmas stuff to put back in the loft, sort out the fireplace, cleaning in general. In the end, I just thought sod it and went out with Emma to Newcastle Emlyn, decided to go for the open fire in principle anyway, so the electric fire can go up in the loft, when I get round to bringing the ladder in.

I bought three sacks of logs and a big bag of kindling. £10, I wonder how long it will last? I've laid the fire anyway, but won't light it until I feel the need, it's not really cold enough. Tomorrow I need to get my spark guard back from the bird aviary, it's "guarding" the oil-filled rad up there at present so the birds don't burn their feet should they decide to land on it, but I can make something that's good enough with a bit of wire mesh I think.

Anyway, the walk round the castle with Emma was nice. I felt very mean though, there was a Muscovy duck over the other side of the river on the bank, and some Mallards, and they saw me and came zapping across looking for some food, and I had none! He must be an escapee I guess, they aren't wild are they? The Canada geese are back, large flock of around 150 on the field. Only took the Nokia with me, so couldn't zoom in, but the specks you see on the grass aren't sheep, they're geese! Two white blobs too, not sure whether they are geese or swans, can't see that far without my glasses on!

Well lots to watch on TV tonight, got to do the tea now, half time in the footie, but not overly exciting so far. Looking forward to the new talent show The One and Only, and also Britain/Talent thing on the other side, so shall be kept busy tonight!

Oh, in case Dean is reading this, I found that the software I have for photo-editing has something similar to yours with the framing, not as good though, but thought I'd try it out anyway today. :)


Pete said...

muscovies hop over fences!

Anonymous said...

Protein consumption???? Today??? Yesterday???

Jan said...

Erm, erm, slapped wrist for yesterday I think, only had a yoghurt, don't think any of my other food was a protein. I always have to look up what has it and what doesn't.

Today I've had chicken, yoghurt, brazil nuts, cheese roll at lunchtime. Okay? :D

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of the Castle, the sky is nice too, looks like a painting.
I know what you mean about cleaning and pets, just get so fed up of doing it all, I won t be having any more pets when mine have gone, too much work, and too upsetting when they go. Pauline.

Karen said...

I get those can't be bothered days too! Funny though, I never feel that way about a dog walk or a trip to a nature reserve, LOL.
Not too little protein but not too much either - makes the kidneys work too hard. (I THINK that's correct)
Lovely pics.

Janine said...

Muscovy ducks are from South America but commonly kept as domestics. God knows why, they are hideous things really. We have tons of them all over here and they make a terrible mess on the sidewalks.
Those ruins are cool.

oldcrow61 said...

What beautiful countryside you have over there. I have those days as well. Although the decorations are down and boxed and bagged, it's all shoved in the guest room. Just haven't been in the mood to put it away.