Thursday, 31 January 2008

Last day of January already

Been awake since just after 5 am, gritting my teeth at the sound of the raging gale outside. Supposedly 29mph hahaha and ha. Gusts apparently up to 70mph. Terrified for my aviary and my budgies and cockatiels. I can see it from the kitchen window, enough from the street lights in the distance to see it's still standing thank god. I have a night light in the shed for the birds and can see a couple of the 'tiels sitting there ok so all is well. The noise is still horrendous. Have already done all my day's online quizzes, had two coffees, looked at my forums and other people's blogs and it's only bloody 7am! Oh well, I doubt I'll be doing much today, the good news is that the forecast is ever worse for the next couple of days. :(

Only things to update otherwise is that I bought one of the Tens Machines from Lloyds Pharmacy, oh the power of tv advertising! They are doing them really cheaply at present, normally £40, selling at £15, so thought worth a try. It's fantastic! (They are little battery operated thingies, that you put two sticky pads on achy places like bad backs, sore arthritic joints etc, and they pulse, massage, etc) Thrilled with mine, I was thinking of getting one for mum for her knees, but am afraid as usual that she won't understand how to use it, it is a bit complicated, she's not too good with gadgets nowadays) Maybe will get one anyway whilst they are on offer, and show her how to use it next time I go up, which hopefully won't be too long away.

Yesterday met Pat in town for some shopping, and had lunch. I took Emma round the reservoirs first though for her walk, so she had an early one yesterday. There were some new ducks on the lake but sadly the far side, and I didn't have the proper camera to zoom, they were white with brown necks! Soon as we went round the other side to get nearer, they swam furiously to the other side. Oh well, never mind. There were some Coots which weren't quite so nervy, but most of the birds there aren't overly tame. Beautiful day again though, the calm before the storm though obviously....

Hmm well, guess I will find something else to do today, housework I suppose. Yuck.


oldcrow61 said...

Hope the aviary stays intact with those winds. I like the pictures. Looks like a beautiful day,the water is so blue, lovely.

Anonymous said...

SOME say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice. I say wind. Its my least favorite weather. You could make a kite and see if it flies.