Saturday, 19 January 2008


Well the burial was duly done yesterday. Very upset of course so won't go into too much detail. The weather was horrendous and I wished I'd buried him on Thursday when it was dry. But it had to be done. I went to the Garden Centre and had a good look round at all the plants and decided on a Japonica variety, called Skimmia Rubella, which seemed to be best suited for the position in the garden, and also looked pretty. I also wandered around a few other shops and saw a mug in one, and I just had to have it. Photo below and you will see why. I shall use it daily for my afternoon cup of tea.

I wrapped him in the sheepskin fleece that he had in his little box, so he will be nice and cosy there.

It's now not stopped raining for 48 hours again, but it's ridiculously mild for January, so I'm not complaining. At 5 o'clock when I shut the birds in it was 12c outside, and I went to the shops today and was sweltering, could have done with a t-shirt on under my jacket, not a jumper. I haven't altered the temperature of the radiator in here, and it's normally 19c at this time of night, it's currently 22c.

Tried to get Sausage to come a bit closer for a photo this morning, I was still inside the doorway so the camera wouldn't get too wet. He wasn't too keen though, but got one that wasn't blurred out of 3.

The new mug

The grave


Pete said...

the weather is depressing isn't it.

nice mug.

keep your chin up Jan

cmk said...

People who have never had pets--yes, I know WAY too many--just really don't understand the loss of a pet. They are definitely members of the family and need to be mourned just as any other member is. Remember him fondly with every cup of tea! {hugs}

Mary said...

What a lovely mug.

oldcrow61 said...

A beautiful mug and a beautiful plant on the grave. Hugs.

Janine said...

The mug and plant are both really lovely. Hope sausage becomes more tame maybe will feed from your hand.

Karen said...

Perfect mug for you Jan, I can see why you had to have it, particularly just now. A lovely shrub too for dear Diddy boy's grave.