Monday, 28 January 2008

Quick catch up

Haven't really done anything overly interesting, so will be brief just to keep this going.

Friday : Another dry but windy day, had a text from Christine to say they would be over on Saturday to help with me with the fence panels, so I spent three bloody hours doing the wood preservative on one side of three panels (the side that would go into the neighbours) Nearly broke my back just shoving them along the path. Also had to do a mad cleaning spree indoors as I was having visitors!

Saturday : They arrived. Early! I'd only just got dressed and hadn't been out to do the birds even. Anyway, Barry slipped on his arse down the bank before we'd even started (he only went up to see where abouts the panels were going! This garden is lethal. Anyway we got them done, look great. Had nice lunch down cafe. (We all had child's meal portions! Plenty enough) They dropped a bombshell - looks like they will be moving far away, had enough of it in Wales. Bit gutted, hope they change their minds. I haven't got many friends here as it is, and doubt I will see much of them if anything if they move back to England. Bit hard to take when someone's been in your life for nearly half of it.

Sunday: Went to shops to buy sprayable fence preserver and the canister thing to spray it with. Worth a go, supposed to be able to do a panel in 15 minutes. Well, will be fun trying I guess. Knowing my luck I don't expect much success though.

Today : Painted the square gap on the house wall with masonary paint where the dreaded metal box used to be. The bloke came and removed it whilst I was out last week. Couldn't take it away though, oh no, just dumped it by my front gate. I wonder how long it will be there before it's collected? If ever. Cleaned my windows. I can now see the birds in the garden again! Went to Pats this afternoon. Walked dogs. Came home. Lit fire. Struggling though, the logs are very wet still. Erm that's about it.

The only exciting thing is to say it hasn't rained now for five days. Wow. A record! We've got a lot of nasty stuff on its way again though apparently, sleet and snow, temperatures dropping drastically. I mean, people were out in t-shirts yesterday, crazy for January.

Oh yeah, my exercise cycle stats for the week were I travelled 33 miles, and burned 1,300 cals. Not bad. But I didn't lose any weight. Not good. :(


Pete said...

but toned :D

oldcrow61 said...

Great that you got the nice weather to get all that outside stuff done. Wish I could have all that lovely weather sent this way. Although, it's all the way up to +2 here this morning so we're dancing. lol

Anonymous said...

Its sad that Christine and Barry are moving far away. Time will tell. Maybe they won't go. But you know what they say: When a door closes another opens. Its just that we don't seem to be able to notice the newly opened door for ages even though its staring us right in the face.