Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Yay, Colin's ok

Been so busy today, nothing exciting, just stuff in the garden, re-covered the top shed roof AGAIN, leaking like a sieve, everything inside was soaked, and I need to use the bloody thing. Anyway, beautiful day, sunny, dry, and warm, even though it was windy.

So now, very knackered and going to have an early night, but just to say Colin just came and had a feed, so relieved, he hadn't been whilst I had the cam on since Sunday, and was beginning to worry about him. No sign of Titch tonight though, funny how they seem to come and then don't come, you'd think they would know the food is there and be pacing up and down waiting for it to get dark so they could come and feast. Or maybe not..

Edit, just about to switch off, and Speedy turned up. :)





Anonymous said...

Lovely to see all your hoggies coming Jan, I m having a quiet time at the moment, I have just Bryn eating supper, he s also staying in the shelter, I ve been busy too, just so much to do. Pauline.

Pete said...

nice to hear Colin is still about

leazwell said...

How do you tell which is which???

Glad you are enjoying some sun. The heat here has been to a wilting degree.

Janine said...

Aww glad to see hoggies are around.