Friday, 17 August 2007

Hog No. 5

Tonight I have had visits from Colin, first as usual. As soon as he went, Front Spot turned up, and I have now named him Speedy. This was because last night I went out to renew the marking with proper Humbrol paint, and after I'd finished, he took off down the path like a rocket! And tonight I saw for sure that he is a him, if you get my drift.... Anyway, carried on watching and another hog came, and I couldn't see any markings. Waited till he/she had finished eating and was about to leave and went out and it's another newby. Have just done a blob on its left side. In theory it could be the one I marked on the middle of the back I guess if the tippex has worn off, but I think there would still have been something remaining. So I wonder if Titch, the little one I trod on last Sunday will ever find its way to the front.

The newby


Anonymous said...

I admire your efforts on the Hogs behalf.

I hope Titch food would be an incentive to most!!

I hear there is quite a worry re the pop og Hogs this year (well I know there is anyway but) due to the floods good to see some are stocking up for winter!!

Cant remember the last time I saw a Hog in the wild.


oldcrow61 said...

Awwww! So cute.

Anonymous said...

these men visiting you are all animals, right? not real men.

Anonymous said...

I put tippex on mine, and I can hardly see it now, I m trying to think of a different way of marking, so it does nt come off, nice to keep a check and know for sure which ones are coming for supper, and nice to know if new ones turn up. Pauline.

Jan said...

Erm anonymous, they are Hedgehogs, not men. Men do not come to my house at night, I can assure you. Or during the day time either for that matter,unless they are workmen! lol.