Friday, 10 August 2007

What a bloody awful day

Yet another whingeing post, so if you hate them, don't bother reading any further! Today was a prime example of why I hate making plans in advance, and why I try never to look forward to anything. The plan was that my ex and his new family were coming over for the weekend because he is doing a trial bike thing at a local farm tomorrow. So they were going to park their camper up in the local forestry, text me when they were nearly here and I would meet them, we could take the dogs for a walk, have a chinwag, and then maybe go off for a meal somewhere this evening.

So the first thing that went wrong is that I was going to cut the grass this morning, as I would be busy all weekend. Woke up to find it pissing with rain. This continued all morning, and as I wasn't sure exactly what time they would be coming, I couldn't settle to do any thing, and was just pacing around, fiddling with things, and getting more and more bored. So I had some lunch, and then Emma started because we normally go out for our walk then. Still no phone call, rain turning to showers, stopped a couple of times. Then I get a text saying we're heading for your fish and chip shop. First bit of plan down the drain then. Another text in 20 mins, have arrived are you hungry? Well the answer was no, I'd only eaten about an hour before (it was gone 3 o'clock by this time) and I was well pissed off as was Emma. So ended up going down the chippy to see what their plans were, and said I'd take Emma for a walk and see them later. They didn't know where they were going to park up for the night, second bit of plan down the drain. So I shot off in the car, not at all happy, no meal out tonight for a start, no walk with the dogs. I got half a mile out of the village and heard a bang from under the car, then a scraping noise, and pulled over into the factory entrance to discover that my exhaust had fallen in half. Shit. A lorry was just about to pull out and I had blocked his path. A lovely guy got out of the cab and took a look for me, and long story short, crawled about in the wet and tied it up so that I could go back home! Well I went round to the mechanic, but he was on holiday till next week and his dad said he wouldnt be able to do anything until about Tuesday. So I'll have to take it to KwikFit I suppose and pay an arm and a leg, it looks like it needs the whole bloody thing. I need the car on Sunday, so am hoping they will be able to do it tomorrow, but my car is no longer a production model so they probably won't have it in stock. So that buggers up my day tomorrow with the trial bike thing probably, and also my day on Sunday going with them to the Car Boot, and down the beach. So that's plan 3 and 4 stuffed too.

So anyhow, they asked permission to stay in the car park and that's fine, so then we all come back here for a while and had a cuppa, and the dog rolled in some of Diddy's shit, so they had to put it on a lead, and we are all sitting outside bloody freezing because of their chain smoking, well I never said they couldn't smoke in the house, but was glad Barry was the one who said I want a fag, I'll go outside, so I didn't argue. Anyway, they decided they would go back to the camper, I thought they'd stay but I think Barry was embarrassed about the dog, she had jumped up me and smothered my clothes in mud too, and what with my new carpet and all, it was just a bloody disaster. So what I thought was going to be an evening doing something for once is now just like any other, they are half a mile down the road in their camper and I am in here as usual. I said they could come and watch the telly but they said they were okay, so that was that. Poor Emma never did get a walk.

And that's not the end of it. I came indoors and thought god what an awful smell. Traced it to the bedroom, and Misty had shit all over my bedroom carpet. Great eh? I won't tell them though, I think they are fed up with me as it is, and wished they'd not come up here.

I'm sitting here bloody freezing too, I had the gas oven on and the electric heater in here for about half an hour trying to warm the place up, its 18c in this living room and Ive got two jumpers on.

Sorry, I have to have one of these poor old me blogs now and then. Let's hope it'll be the last one for a while, but unless this effing weather improves I doubt it.


Pete said...

only you.....

Anonymous said...

I must be a terrible person because I love to read about your disaster days. I am sorry.

oldcrow61 said...

What a day you've had...unbelievable!