Monday, 20 August 2007

Other stuff from today

... well and last night. Speedy and Colin both arrived at the dish around the same time last night, but Colin is very scared and kept coming up to the dish, in which Speedy was sitting, but then kind of hopping backwards. He waited until Speedy had finished, had a drink, and gone off before he took his turn at the dish. Nice there are no hostilities, I'd hate to have to go out and break up a fight!

My lovely Songthrush was around again today, eating a huge juicy slug by my garden seat. I came in and got the camera, and just as I got back with it, she had swallowed it almost whole. Yuck yuck yuck.

Took Emma to Newcastle Emlyn as the rain finally stopped around lunchtime today and the sun came out - hooray. Bit of a chilly wind but it wasn't too bad. The river was horrendous though, can't believe it for this time of the year, brown, raging, and almost up to the level where it will flood across the park and rugby pitches. What a truly awful summer we've had. I was speaking to a lady at the cheese and wine do the other night, who has lived here for 40 years, and she can't remember us having a worse summer than this one, with so much rain, and so cool.

There was a great sunset tonight and I caught the moon rising in amongst the blues and reds, and alongside my oak tree, thought it came out quite well really, the moon was kind of blurry, hazy almost, quite a nice effect.

And finally, little Titch, the hoggy that I inadvertently trod on last Sunday has just been to the dish! Yay, he managed to find it. I thought maybe I'd got a new one again because I couldn't see any marks but when I went out I could see the white T on his bum. Awwww bless him (or her) :)

Colin and Speedy


nicola said...

the photos of the sunset almost have an african feel to them, must be the tree against the colours, really cool effect

oldcrow61 said...

Great pictures Jan. The sunset is wonderful. So glad that little Titch has found his way to the food bowl.

Mary said...

Beautiful skies.