Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Butterflies, Birds and Bees

Yay, the sun shone all day today and my mood lightened accordingly. I have been feeling very achy with all the damp and cold weather, but felt quite fit today for a change and took the opportunity to clean out my aviary! The grass badly needs cutting, but it's way too wet underfoot, really soggy, so that will have to wait. We have a good forecast for the next few days, so hopefully will get it done before the weekend. I seem to have so much to do lately though, I've done lots in the garden today, including painting over all the patches where the cavity wall insulation was squirted in last week, clearing out the front gutting, and some pruning of dead plants, moving tubs around and sweeping up the dust. Also did washing, took Emma out, chased the sparrowhawk and the cat out of the garden, erm, and took some photos! I have a long list of things to be done before Saturday though, because I shall be at the Bank Holiday Steam rally for two days again this year, and I have to sort out all my stuff for the car boot sale, which is going to take me a day at least to do.

The sun brought out the butterflies and bees in force, and I took a few photos this morning whilst I was pottering. The only annoyance of the day (well there always has to be something doesn't there?) was the fact that the boy behind must have had a day off work, and he had his stereo going in the garden, I think from his car which was parked round the front and all I could hear for about 4 hours was boom boom boom, even in the front of my place, with the doors and windows shut. God help us, why is all music these days that the youngsters listen to all boom boom bloody boom? Oh, and somewhere not too far away there is a new dog that was barking virtually all day too. (Not next door, further away than that) I just hope it's because someone is at home because of the school holidays or something, because it was irritating enough from here, pity the poor people who live right next to it.

What's that strange thing up in the sky - oh it's the sun...

Strange sort of bee - anyone know?

One of my tame baby Blackbirds. This one calls as soon as it sees me and comes down to my feet, hope to god it avoids the hawk.


nicola said...

cool shots, still not sure what type of bee it is, you could post on wild about britain they would know im sure..

oldcrow61 said...

lol, don't you just hate the boom, boom, bloody boom. It's a wonder they're not all deaf. Beautiful pictures.

Pete said...

sun? saw that yesterday. flipping chucking it down here