Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Where does the time go???

I can't believe it's now a week since I did my blog. I just have been so busy of late, coupled with feeling so exhausted because of it, that I just haven't had the energy to write about my exciting time!

Well as briefly as possible, I spent the best part of Friday and Saturday sorting out my stuff for the two-day car boot sale at the Vintage Rally which was Sunday and Monday. I had so much stuff, dotted around, some in the sheds, some in the loft, and various cupboards. In the end, there was so much that Barry and Christine took a lot of it in their camper for me on Saturday, as they were camping up at the site for the two days.

The rally itself was great as always, lots to see and do, but this is the fourth year running I've been, so really, I've seen and done it all before, I blogged about it last year with a few photos of birds of prey, vintage cars, and some of the scenery that I took from my helicopter flight three years ago, so this time I didn't bother with any photos, not that I left my stall very often anyway. Had lots of laughs though, and sold lots of things, and woo hoo, it didn't rain. Sunday was boiling and got a bit sun burnt, Monday was overcast and a cold wind, so we went from t-shirts to jumpers and coats. Most nights got home exhausted and went to bed after doing the bare essentials. Great fun, roll on next year!

Yesterday was spent putting all the stuff that I didn't sell back in the loft, after I sorted it out up there, everything was just thrown in before, now it's all neat and tidy and I know where to put my hand on everything when I need it. Did my back in bent over double and stepping carefully on the roof trusses of course, nearly stuck my foot through the ceiling once, lol.

Last night, had hog wars here. I've now got 5 hedgehogs coming, although little Titch hasn't been for a few nights, but I have a new hog, and he is very bossy, he chased poor Colin away from the dish. Later on, there was much bumping and barging going on, and I went out to save poor Speedy too. This time it was the one that I'd marked with a spot on the side/middle that was doing the barging. I'd best call this one Middy. I use Humbrol model paint to mark them for those that are interested, so that I know who is who. Colin is marked on the rear end, Speedy above his face, Middy, and NoSpots are the four regulars, I may mark NoSpots though, incase I have more than one of them! I found a lot of poo round the back garden today, so I think I will put a handful of food at the back door again, although with going away up to mums shortly, I don't really want them to get dependant on it, I can't expect my neighbour to do more than the basic dish of food really.

I was sitting outside eating my lunch yesterday, and a young wren landed in the hollybush right next to me, not three feet away, very cute, I don't often get to see a wren, and that close was fantastic.

Erm that's about it really, today I just went to Tesco and took Emma round the lakes, and then came back and cut the grass. Weather was supposed to be "the best day of the week" I don't know where they get their info, I really despair. It's been grey all day and a strong cold wind, until about 6 oclock, then the skies cleared. Saturday, Sunday and yesterday were all boiling. I really don't know why I listen to weather forecasts, they just piss me right off!


nicola said...

Jan, really pleased you had a good w/e, it has made you sound energised, think you should do this more often!

Oh still thinking about France btw...

oldcrow61 said...

Sounds like you had a great time Jan.