Saturday, 4 August 2007

Mass Excitement!

Well it doesn't take much to be honest. It's all been happening tonight, firstly I had two baby toads outside, then just now I was watching my normal hoggy, Colin (I named him the other day, and marked him with tippex on his rump) on the cam. He went to get a drink, and suddenly, another hog appeared. Just when I thought I was down to one now. With that, Colin took fright and ran like hell, and the other one took off after him. I waited a few minutes and then thought, oh I hope they're not fighting on the lawn, so I went out with a torch and the tippex, to mark the other one if they were still around. Well the noise that was coming from over by the fence (and my hog box! yay, maybe they are using it) was incredible. Colin was cowering under the bush and the other one was nearby. I've never heard their noise before although I've been told they do make a racket. Anyway took a couple of snaps, came back in, and in a few minutes, the second hog (or so I thought) appeared back at the dish. When I opened the door, this was a THIRD hog, no marks! Woo hoo, and the noise was still coming from across by the fence and Colin and the other one were still there, not fighting though, so maybe it's courting noises? And the way Colin ran, maybe Colin wasn't the boy one that came here! Anyway, I've now marked the third one as well, with a blob near its head, and the one who has chased Colin with a blob in the middle, lol. You got all that?

Other than that not much to report this past couple of days, apart from being completely fed up with the weather, rain, grey and miserable, and about 8c less than anywhere else in the UK.

Did the car boot sale today, luckily inside, but wasn't any good really, not many people came, the books we sold were mainly to other traders, but I suppose it was something to do for a few hours, we'd packed up and I was home again by 11.45!

Took a photo of Diddy boy and my apple tree a couple of days ago, forgot to put it on, we actually had a bit of sun then by the looks of things, and the Song Thrush was from yesterday, through the kitchen window, eating a slug. So lovely to see her (or him I suppose, they always seem like she's to me for some reason) still staying around, lovely birds.

You can just see Colin cowering under the bush!

The newby, currently to be known as Front Blob


Anonymous said...

Nice you have so many hoggies, shows their doing ok with a little help from you, lucky you marked them, I like to know which ones are visiting, sounds like you have a mating pair,they say they make a lot of noise. Pauline.

cmk said...

I'm just amazed at hedgehogs. I guess I didn't realize where their native habitat was--just not something I looked into! :) They really are the cutest things--wish we had them.

oldcrow61 said...

Yay, lots of hoggies. You must be thrilled. The apples look wonderful.

Pete said...

any chance they come out slightly earlier

Anonymous said...

Bully for hedgehogs!