Saturday, 11 August 2007

Trial Bike Training

What can I say, another slight disaster really, not for me but for poor Barry. His bike played up and he hardly got to ride over any of the obstacles. Cylene played up, and wanted to ride the bike her way and wasn't prepared to listen to the instructor so gave up because she was "bored" The people running it today offered Barry his money back, but he reluctantly took only a third of it back. Nice of them to offer though. Well I still enjoyed what bits of it I saw, and it was nice to be out in the sunshine all day. Emma had a great time too, had to keep her on a lead of course, but a long lead, and she got to go in the water a few times, and was awake for such a long time today, she is now well and truly knackered. Barry was so gutted that he gave up after lunch, the bike just wouldn't start and on the few occasions he did get it going by changing the spark plug (it kept oiling up) it wouldn't stay running at the slow speeds necessary for this type of riding. He is threatening to give up now, and never do it again. Such a shame.

I managed to bodge up my exhaust on the car because it couldn't be done till Monday, so I shall still be able to go out with them tomorrow to the car boot sale. I crawled under and wrapped a lot of cooking foil and wire round the break, it wont fall off I don't think and it's silenced it a bit, it only sounds like the boy racers cars anyway so not bothered. I will get my normal mechanic to look at it early in the week I think, I'm not going to one of the big exhaust places, who will no doubt tell me I need an entire new system, when it may be just the back box or middle section which needs doing.

Cylene having some tuition

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oldcrow61 said...

Emma has such an expressive face. Looks like she's saying, "Do I have to be attached to this leash."