Thursday, 2 August 2007

Thursday already

The time is flying by, it doesn't seem more than a couple of days ago that I had the last wind farm meeting, and now it's here again.

Well had an exciting day today! Well not really but a few things of note to mention.

The day started miserably - grey skies, and it bloody started raining at 8.30 as I let Diddy boy out. So wasn't in the best of moods, it was only a shower, but I wasn't too bothered, as I had to go shopping anyway, and it meant that I could take Emma, I won't take her if it's hot of course, because I won't leave her in the car for more than about 5 minutes.

So off we toddled, went to Pets at Home for yet more suet pellets. They are costing me a small fortune but all the birds love them, I swear I could go through 10 packs a week if I were to keep putting them out all day, as it is its about 4! Anyway, got back in the car, and a huge 40' lorry pulled up alongside the car park, with Matalans on the side, the driver could see the shop, but wasn't sure where the goods entrance was. He'd put his hazards lights on, but a woman in a car had pulled up right behind him. Next thing, the guy started to reverse! I yelled out, STOP, there's someone behind you! OMG so close. Stupid woman in the car really. Anyhow, that was my first good deed for the day!

Second I went round to Morrisons. I'd got loads of different fruit and veg in the trolley, and started raking through the carrots to find some decent clean, smallish ones, and picked one out and it had a little black beetle on it! I didn't know what to do, if I put him in my bag, he would probably get squashed going through the checkout. So I took my trolley to near the checkouts and carried the carrot to the cashier and said would it be alright if I took the beetle outside and put him in a bush, I'm not stealing a carrot! I'm sure she thought I was mental, but she said okay, fine! So off I went, the bushes are about 50 yards down the side of the building. Then he didn't want to get off the bloody carrot! So I broke a little bit off and put it with him under a leaf in the hedge! Took the carrot back and put in with the rest, and then decided to buy a pre-packed bag of organic ones to be on the safe side!

Next to McDonalds, and then to the lakes to eat. Oh I forgot to mention, by the time I came out of Morrisons, the sun had broken through, so we ate our McDonalds sitting in full sunshine round the lake on a bench. It was great. One slightly sad thing, there's a couple of old fellas who walk their three dogs round the lakes, they meet every day at 2 oclock, I've often seen them and had a chat. Well today, there was just the one and he told me that his mate had had to give up driving, his eyesight was too bad now. Made me want to cry really, his poor dog probably looked forward to that so much, not to mention the old guy too. His mate said he couldn't fit them all in his little car, but he still goes round to see him once a week. Sniff.

Came home and went mad, cleaned out the hog box. A job long overdue, something has been going in there because I've been leaving strands of straw dangling which have been knocked out of the way, but nothing has been using it as such, so thought a fresh load of woodchip and straw may encourage a permanent visitor. Then I cut all the grass again. We're forecast more rain tonight I believe, and I won't be able to do it again till Sunday anyway. Then I thought I'd do the strimming. Silly move, bloody thing kept stopping. Had to bash it on the ground to get it to go again then eventually it decided not to go at all. I have no luck at all with strimmers, they drive me mad! Don't know if I'll bother to get another one, I only use it about three times a year.

Well that's about my exciting day really, it's beautiful outside now, not a cloud in the sky, I need to water before I go out I suppose, because I shan't feel like it when I get back. Nights are drawing in already now too, won't be long before I will be coming home in the dark I suppose. Not sure I shall be able to go then because I won't leave Diddy unsecured outside when it's dark, he needs to be shut in. Will have to see how it goes.

Emma had been playing hunt the chip, and then had a swim

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