Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Wednesday - all sorts

First off, my normal weather report! Well hoo-bloody-ray at last we had something like a summer's day today. However, it's not all good news. Last night the temperature fell to 3c and we ALMOST had a frost on the grass. WTF? In the beginning of August? I went outside at 11.15 pm to watch the ISS going overhead (The International Space Station) and it was freezing out there. Wonderful thing to see, how cool is that - something you can see with the naked eye, whizzing across the sky at 17,000 miles per hour? One minute it's overhead here, and in 10 minutes it was over the Indian Ocean. Fantastic.

Anyway, two hoggies again last night, Colin went off, then came back, then went off, and then Front Spot (who I think is the lady in the trio) came to feed, the Colin came back, and there was all sorts of shy stomping going on. Then Colin went away again and left her to it. Awwww.

And on to today, went shopping this morning, as I shall be busy until Sunday now and no time. Came rushing back and unloaded, and made myself a quick snack and sat outside in the garden to eat it. I heard the familiar "bonk" noise that means a bird has flown into the window, and looked up and did a double take. A Blue Tit had hit the window all right, but from the inside! It was in the living room, and sitting on top of Chippy's cage! I couldn't think how it would have got in there, it would have had to fly all round the bungalow inside to get there, and then I thought it must have come in through the front door when I was unloading the car, and been hiding somewhere in the meantime! Poor wee thing, I came in, shut Chippy's cage (he wasn't in the least bit put out by his new friend) And opened the window to let him out. In his panic though he hit the window a few more times before he made it, and then went and sat on my back fence, he was a bit stunned I think, but flew off into the tree after about 5 minutes!

That excitement over, my intention then was to head up the other side of Llandysul because I'd seen signs for a car boot sale starting at 3pm and I wanted to see what it was like with a view to doing it myself maybe next week, I've got so much stuff to be rid of. Anyway, having sat through the obligatory sets of road works traffic lights all on red, I got to where it's held and the sign said Car Boot Sale Here, starting at 3pm - every FRIDAY! Doh! Oh well, I had a car up my exhaust and thought I'd carry on to Ffostrasol forestry then and walk Emma, but then had White Van Man on my exhaust, and when I got to the off road pull off there were two cars there already and nowhere to stop. Sod it. So I carried on to Cwm Tydu where I rescued the seagull two weeks ago. Lovely there today, although once again, there was a cool northerly wind but okay if you could get a sheltered spot. A couple of brave souls were in swimming, I bet it was bloody freezing. Walked Emma up the cliff after she'd had her dip, and there were some lovely flutters around. Went and had a cuppa at the cafe, the guy said the Gull did come back to scrounge some food, so it was okay, how lovely.

Colin & Front Spot

Chippy's new friend

Boat crossing the cove

Looking down from the cliff

Peacocks on the buddlea

Meadow Brown on the gorse. Sadly these seem to settle with closed wings all the time.


Pete said...

wonder how the bluey got in? nice to see you had sun

cmk said...

We once came home from a short trip and found a starling in the house--still don't know how it got in. Of course, the first indication that something was wrong was the fact that all of the mini-blinds looked as if a tornado had hit them--obviously from the bird trying to get out of the window AND the cat chasing it around. Thankfully it left the house as soon as the front door was opened for it.

oldcrow61 said...

3C, omg, that's a bit much. Glad to hear that you got some sun though. Happy to hear that the bird got out. Must have been quite a surprise to find him in your house. Pictures are wonderful.