Thursday, 9 August 2007

Another one indoors!

Last night I was thrilled to see the ISS going over clear as a bell at 11.45 here, having previously watched the Shuttle being launched live on Sky News - fantastic to hear the mission control speaking to the guys (and gals) on board, and a wonderful feeling seeing it go off safely at 11.36pm our time. Tomorrow night we should be able to see both the Shuttle and the Space Station. Imagine being on that shuttle - going from 0 mph to 17,000 mph within about 15 minutes! Way to go!

I don't know what's going on, but the local birds are suddenly developing a fascination for being INSIDE my house! Pat and I were sitting outside earlier whilst our lunch was cooking (we had Chinese, yummy) and I looked toward the kitchen and saw a Chaffinch sitting on the kitchen windowsill indoors! It's been bad enough chasing bloody wasps out all day, they have appeared all of a sudden today.

Well it's been another nice day, another cold night again last night though, and we had some black clouds come over mid-morning, but they soon went across. We took the dogs down to my special place at the river, they had a swim, and then we had a walk across the fields. What appeared to be a very dark Buzzard flew across and went in the tree not far from us, and started mewing. I took a couple of shots, not brilliant but he was quite high up and I was surprised to see when putting them on the pc that he actually has a few light bits. He looked very dark in flight, we thought he looked more like an Eagle when he perched! There were two others in the trees in the woody bit alongside the river so I guess it was a family day out.

There was a guy fly fishing as we got to the bridge, what a lovely scene, oh, if only it could be like this all year. Sigh.

Well in a rush as usual, Pat has gone off to a "do" at her bowls club, for which we cooked 72 little cocktail sausages this afternoon, and had fun sticking the sticks in them, I haven't done that for years, I am so easily pleased.... I am babysitting Ben, except that I have to go out too to the Windfarm group, so hopefully we shall both get back here about the same time.


oldcrow61 said...

Another bird in the house! Wanted the cocktail sausages I expect, lol. Looks like Ben and Emma were having a great time in the water. Lovely pictures.

Mary said...

great shots of the Buzzard. We went to a local Butterfly reserve today and i got sunburnt!

nicola said...

some more nice photos there jan