Sunday, 5 August 2007


I couldn't decide what to do today, but wanted to make the most of a bit of warm weather and sunshine, and thought Aberystwyth would be okay for a change. It had started to cloud over by the time I got there of course, and I went down onto the beach with Emma and you could hardly stand upright, the wind was so strong. Let her have a splash about, the waves were so rough though she literally got swept off her feet. Gave that up and we had a stroll round the castle, some of the flower beds there in the enclosed courtyard are fabulous. Walked the length of the prom and round the corner it was sheltered from the wind, and wasn't too bad at all. We had an icecream and sat on the beach, and Emma went in the water again. I took a photo of a cocker spaniel that was with some people, they were down below so I didn't talk to them, but I did a double take. It was the exact image of our old dog Spooky, who was a very unusual cocker, in his size, stature, length of tail. Well this could have been him, I was absolutely gobsmacked. I shall have to show Barry next weekend when he is here (Barry kept Spook when we split, and he sadly died last year aged nearly 15)

Walked back to the car and went and did a couple of bits of shopping, and saw the little steam train about to leave the station. Had a bite to eat, and then made our way home. The sun was out and blue all the way home of course, whilst I was stuck in the car, it was exceptionally hot. Got home about an hour ago, put out the guinea pigs in their pen in the sunshine, and have now just had to run out and get them in, and got soaked to the skin, because yes, you've guessed - it's bloody pissing down again. :(

The Marina

Bikers on the prom

Waves smashing up the sea wall, just like winter!

The Spooky Boy double


Pete said...

madam posing again I see !!

oldcrow61 said...

Nice pictures Jan, especially the one of herself in the wall.

Anonymous said...

When I see the glorious structures and vistas you have in your "backyard" I could just cry.
The new world, so bent on ridding itself of the old, jettisoned the baby with the bathwater, me thinks.

Anonymous said...

Well this is lovely - lots of nice photos. Excellent shots even though you have had all this rain.
You can sure write up an interesting blog Jan. A story teller.