Saturday, 30 June 2007

Saturday - the rain just got worse

Weather absolutely horrendous today. But I'd made up my mind I was going to Llanelli shopping so didn't care really. I had a £7 voucher from Tesco's burning a hole in my purse, it had to be used up by 7th July, and if you spend £50 at the moment, you get 5p off a litre of fuel too, so a double whammy. I very nearly didn't go though, there was thick fog here first thing, and the torrential rain, but I guessed it would just be hanging around our valley, and I was right. I went the long way to Llanelli though and stayed off the M4 because of the spray. Turned out okay over there, a few drizzly showers, but nothing too terrible, didn't get wet dodging from shop to shop anyway. I ended up browsing in HMV, not a thing I do too often, and good job too, because I bought £35 worth of DVDs! We (Em and I) had a McDonalds (naturally) and I took her for a short walk on the grassy bits. I had a very embarrassing moment coming out of Tescos, something in my shopping set off the alarm. Cringe. Security Guard going through all my stuff, and people looking at me, well I had a clear conscience, so wasn't unduly worried, and correctly guessed that the Smoke Detector I'd bought hadn't had the security tag removed. Durr!

OMG, as I am typing this, I have the webcam on to see if my hoggies come tonight, and a frog or toad has just trundled across the screen! Which brings me nicely onto my first photo, last night, my little mouse was darting and diving around and taking stuff from the dish, and I could see his little eyes just off to the left, where he was sitting in my plant stand and eating the stuff.

On the way home, decided I needed to call into Lidls so ended up taking Emma round the reservoirs for a walk, it was drizzly but didn't get wet cos of the trees. Had a good day out, enjoyed myself, I just love spending money.... ;)

A summer's day in Wales.... the water lilies looked nice anyway.


oldcrow61 said...

Sounds like you had a great day out regardless of the weather. Isn't that little mouse just the cutest!

Mary said...

Cute little Mouse. I am beginning to think this rain is going to stay all summer!
On Friday my mobile phone drowned in my coat pocket!

Jan said...

Lol Mary, shouldn't laugh though, but it just made me think of the Carphone Warehouse ads where the mobile phone is alive, so cute, the one where it runs off after the lorry because they left it behind. :D

The forecast isn't good for the next week here, more of the same. It's lashing down at the moment too, and we now have gale force winds to add to the fun.

cmk said...

If ANYONE is going to set off the store alarms, it is me! (I had it happen in one of the malls in Milwaukee--how embarrassing!) Trouble is, a good percentage of the time they can't find WHAT set off the alarm. It just must be my electric personality. :D