Wednesday, 13 June 2007


Not much to report today, just went to Tescos with Irene, MacDonalds for lunch, took Emma round the park in Llandysul this afternoon, and of course it waited till I was the furthest distance from the car until it started to rain. Not too heavy luckily though, but glad I wore my jacket, even though I was a bit too hot. Emma of course didn't care as she was already soaked from sitting in the river!

The local paper has the front page full of the flash flood they had in Lampeter on Monday, looks horrendous, water two feet deep rushing through the street, and cars driving with it halfway up their doors! It rained quite heavily in Carmarthen too whilst we were in Tescos, but once again, we've had hardly any here.

The Blaengwen Wind Farm protest group, of which I am actively involved has a two-page article in the Carmarthen Journal too, which hopefully will rally a bit more interest and support from the people of the local area. I'm not holding my breath though. You can read about it here -

One bit of slightly good news, Irene's move/completion day for Friday looks like it won't be happening. Poor woman has had so much hassle you wouldn't believe, she was prepared to move out and put her furniture into storage rather than lose the sale as her purchasers wanted to complete before the bloke she is buying from, but the solicitors sound like they need a rocket up their arses and haven't got things done in time, they are still sending enquiries to be answered, she hasn't even had a contract to sign yet. She just has to bide her time now and hope that the whole lot doesn't fall through. They say house purchase is the third most stressful thing in your life. Not kidding. I do feel sorry for her, although I am pleased too because it means a bit longer having someone to do stuff with .

Other than that, the excitement of the day has been my beautiful Song Thrush putting in an appearance in the back garden, and then posing on the fence for me to get a few nice pics, and my lily bursting forth with yet more blooms! There's still another 19 flowers to open on it, but its about half way now. I think some will die off though before they all open.


Anonymous said...

Your song thrush is really lovely Jan, one of my favourite birds, I used to have a few when I first moved here, but I don't see them now.
What a worry for your friend, I know what its like, I had a load of worry when I moved here, hope things work out for her.
Love the flowers, ar'nt they pretty, got to go, bunz out, tipping it down again. Pauline.

Jan said...

Thanks for the early warning Pauline, it's just arrived here, 30 mins exactly! Black as night outside now. :(

oldcrow61 said...

Great pictures once again Jan. Hope the article in the paper re: the wind farm, gets more people on board.