Monday, 2 July 2007


Woo Hoo, it hasn't rained now for, oh at least 4 hours! Rained most of the morning on and off though, and it's pretty breezy but quite warm.

I had to call in at someone's house to collect some information leaflets about the wind turbines, as I am going to do some campaigning around here to try and get some more support. Should be a laugh, I wonder how many people will slam the door in my face! Oh well, I will have a go anyway. The person I called in on lives very near to the lovely place I go to at the river, the spooky favourite place of mine, and she will be able to see the turbines very clearly across on the mountainside, it will completely ruin her view. She has a wonderful place with fields and sheep and a horse in the field.

Anyway, had a good chat with her and then took Emma down to the river. It was very scary, I've never seen it so bad this time of the year, it seemed like it was November there, bits of trees and branches strewn across the path, thick mud, and the colour of the water, that awful brown colour, and it was absolutely raging. Emma didn't even give it a second look thankfully, she does have some sense then! She made do with a nice puddle on the path! As usual, something spooky happened again though. I'd love to know what it is down there, whether it is me, or if things happen to others. No way of finding out of course. I'd come back out onto the road, and was walking back round to where the car was parked. I'd not seen anyone at all whilst I'd been on the walk, but I suddenly had the feeling that someone else was walking behind me. I turned, and just for a split second, I saw a figure, and then it was gone. I guess a lot of people would freak out at that, but I always find it magical and fascinating. Doesn't scare me at all.

Came home to find that another of my fragrant lilies had opened, the whole porch has a fantastic aroma, they are gorgeous. Took a pic of the other ones too which have just come into bloom along the front, they are a darker orange than the other pot that has now sadly finished.


oldcrow61 said...

The lilies are fabulous! I like the river pictures, the rushing water looks quite exciting. It sure sounds like there are spirits around that magical place you visit. How exciting.

Mary said...

I love the smell of the stargazer lilies, but alas i can no longer grow them as we get lily beetles!
I know what you mean abkout the weather it is cold wet and miserable here as well!

Karen said...

Good luck with your campaigning - I really hope that you can make a difference.
The weather here is so depressing, when I think we have already had midsummer's day I feel even worse! Mary and I walked yesterday and had to add an extra 20 minutes (at least) to our walk because we couldn't get across (even in our wellies), what is usually a little trickle of a stream! Instead we had to follow it's path up to a road (fortunately where the stream passes underneath the road) and then walk along the road back to the car.
Beautiful lilies btw.
I wouldn't be scared so long as I knew the spook really was a spook - and not someone lurking! Take care when you walk alone.