Thursday, 14 June 2007


Briefly, well that is the general idea, but I am out tonight again at the windfarm gathering, and I need to do stuff, like take a shower, feed the pets and me etc.

Pat has been here today whilst she had her car in for service, so we had a good old catch up chat, lunch, took the dogs round the park in Llandysul (in the rain, AGAIN!) Came home to find two cars outside - my new neighbour is about to take up residence. At first I thought, oh good, it's an old lady with a stick. But having spoken to her, not so sure now. She seems a bit weird. Like very outspoken, domineering almost. I am nearly always right with first impressions. She has her son helping her in there now, cleaning and stuff. Not sure if he's moving in too, she is foreign, sounds like she could be Italian, Spanish, Polish even, he speaks with an English accent though so has obviously been here a long time. The worst thing is she has a dog. Well, you know me, I love dogs, but she has put the fear of god up me. It's sitting in the car now, and it's bloody huge. It is also not very friendly, it tries to bite people apparently, especially postmen, and "it will jump your fence and come into your garden" Her words. So I said "well how are you going to cope with that then, you will have to put up some high fences won't you?" "I don't know". Just what I need. So now I have to fear for Diddy's life, won't be able to put out my guinea pigs anymore etc. Or I will have to install 6 foot high fences all round by the sounds of it. And it may even be able to jump them if it felt like it I think. It's supposedly a lurcher cross, looks more like a german shepherd cross to me, it has terrier in it too according to her, so will be a killing machine I guess. My worst fear was that someone would move in next door with a cat, as I just knew I would fall out with them over killing birds and crapping in my garden. I hadn't envisaged this. I know I am the world's biggest pessimist, but shit, this is all I needed. :(

Well I have to leave it there else I won't get done in time now. Oh and sorry I haven't been around much on chat, well not at all really, but I am enjoying very much the Britains Got Talent show which is on for two and a half hours every night (if you switch to ITV2 after the main one) and of course Springwatch, and dashing out to shut the birds in etc. Just want to concentrate on my telly.


Mary said...

I do hope your new neighbour is not as bad as you fear......but I would be worried if an uncontrolled dog was moving in next door.

oldcrow61 said...

I can understand your worry about the dog next door. The two large dogs who killed one of my hens last year I saw walking past my place a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately I was outside at the time. My neighbor saw them as well, as it happens, and she phoned the owner before I had a chance to get to the phone. A few minutes later I saw the owners truck go down the road and come back with the dogs. It's always a worry.

Anonymous said...

I would nt worry too much about it coming into your garden, you can higher the fence Jan, but I find the worse thing is if they lock them outside and they bark all day, I had two people next door once, had two sheep dogs locked in the garage barking all day, don t know how many times I told them,it was really awful.
No good worrying, wait and see, they may be fine. Pauline.

Karen said...

I hope it's not as bad as you expect. If it is and your new neighbour unreasonable remember the dangerous dogs act. A dog must not be dangerously out of control in a public place. Her garden and yours are considered a public place if they are accessible to people. Certainly if it jumps in your garden she will be completely in the wrong.