Thursday, 21 June 2007


Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone for their kind comments, it really means a lot to me to know that people care.

Still felt very sorry for myself yesterday. It helped that I still had to go over to the farm to see to the cats, so it was almost like a normal day, except that the place was empty of course. White cat was waiting for me in the barn, not starving though, still lots of food in the dish. Anyway topped up the dishes, took the mail out of the box - loads for the peole that were supposed to be moving in. Took Emma round three of the fields (Irene said I could)

Decided to take a slow ride over to Ammanford to go to the farm shop there and get some stuff called Megazorb to put on the shed floor of my aviary. It's easier to manage than woodchip, lasts longer, stays put, hides the odours better, much lighter for me to carry too, it's a wood based lightweight recycled papery stuff. Anyway, the worst of it is so far to get any, but a sack lasts a good few months, and I've not been to Ammanford for a long time. Also went in Tescos and got a few bits and pieces, and some lunch, and me and Em sat on the picnic table by the river outside Tescos to eat it. Was quite nice, a bit windy, but warm. Then went in the huge new Wilkinsons and bought some stuff. Anything to kill time and take my mind off things. I was hoping they stocked suet pellets for the wild birds, but no luck, so decided I'd call into Carmarthen on the way home and get some.

Now this is the spooky bit. All day, I had been singing in my head a song from years ago, called On My Own, it was by Michael McDonald and Patti LaBelle. I've not heard it for years and years, but for obvious reasons, the lyrics kept running through my head - "on my own, once again....." Obviously this song was about a broken romance, but it was just the words. So I arrive at Carmarthen, and decided to go look in Richleys first (a clothes shop) next door to Pets at Home. I walk in, and guess what is playing ???? Yep. Bloody spooky, how freaky is that? I stood there and didn't know whether to walk out again or try and ignore it, didn't want to look even more stupid than I normally do and start crying. Just to complete my self-destruction, I found it online and downloaded it when I got home so I could sit and sob away to my hearts content. Stupid cow.

Other than that, Irene phoned me to let me know she'd got to her sisters at 9.30pm, had an awful journey (6 hours) weather and traffic horrendous, dogs fine, behaved themselves and slept most of the way. So that was a relief. Just sat here really all evening looking at the forums, I haven't put the telly on since Monday now, not in the mood. I have put my webcam on in the front porch though, and just before 11pm a hoggy came, I knew one was coming, can't remember if I've mentioned before, but all the food went between 12pm and 2 am the other night, so knew it wouldn't be the birds! Didn't bother to do it last night as I went to bed early, but the dish was empty by 10.30! Hungry hoggy. I don't think it's the same one that was coming to the back, couldn't see a white mark and didn't want to disturb it in case it ran off.


oldcrow61 said...

Sounds to me like you were meant to download that song and have a good cry. Does the world of good at times...a good cry I mean. Great to hear that Irene made it okay. I've been thinking about her although I don't know her. Just the upheaval and mess she had to go through, awful! Sweet hoggy you have there.

Anonymous said...

Wilkinsons I think it is are opening in Carmarthen at the end of this month Jan, in the old Tesco store, I like this store, they have one in Llanelli, nice to have a useful store, its usually phones or card shops,get fedup with them.
Nice your hoggies are coming back, nice they remember the people that help them. Pauline.