Thursday, 21 June 2007

Thursday - had a bit of a shock

The weather has been horrendous, the very worst sort of April showers (I know, it's the middle of June) Also cold in my house, have one storage heater on almost full all the time now, and could do with the living room one on really, I'm sitting here now with two sweaters on) The rain has been torrenting down on and off for two days, everywhere is a slimy muddy mess outside once again. I've just had to put my electric fire on for ten minutes to take the chill off. It's only 18c in here and just not warm enough for me when I'm sitting around. I ought to be doing some housework I suppose, but just can't be bothered. Nobody will be coming here for a while so who cares?

Anyway, this morning, went over to the farm to feed the cats, took Emma as I would take her round the fields for her walk again, wasn't sure what else I would be doing today though, probably come back and clean the aviary out or something. Anyway arrived over there, and saw that the side gate to the field was wide open, and thought oh hell whats going on? Then saw a Land Rover in the field! OMG. Got out and the window was open on the kitchen, and the door opened to reveal the mum of the couple who are buying the place! Well it was a relief to be sure, but all the same a bit of a worry. To cut a long story short, the purchase went through yesterday (after I'd left apparently) the Estate Agent had phoned them to tell them to go and collect the keys, and they started moving in yesterday afternoon! Nobody had told Irene! I will have to call her "she" cos I can't remember her name (I did meet her before when I showed them round for Irene when she was away) She invited me in for a cuppa, and we had a chat about everything, and all is well. Irene's solicitor needs hanging up by the balls to put it mildly, what a unbelievable mess! Anyway, phoned Irene on my mobile, then she rang me back about an hour later and confirmed that it's all okay, no panic, she has the money! Thank god for that. Nobody had bothered to let her know though, I blame the estate agent too, he phones the purchasers to tell them to collect the keys, but doesn't phone Irene to let her know it's all okay, knowing how worried she was? WTF is that all about? Bloody disgusting.

Anyway, that's my services no longer needed anyway. Just got a couple of bits of mail to forward to her now, the rest should be re-directed by the Post Office from tomorrow. So I took Emma round the park in Llandysul for her walk instead (well, there's a surprise *sarcastic smiley*) in the pouring rain (*no surprise smiley*)

Got home, opened the back door to do some grub for the birds, and the first thing that made me smile in a few days greeted me, a Squiz, about 6 feet away, looking at me from the fence! I say "a Squiz" cos I'm not sure it's "the Squiz" because he used to run like hell if he saw me, certainly never got that close, this one stayed put and just looked at me whilst I put food on the feeders and the floor, by then only four feet away. And I had time to come and get the camera, and take photos, and he still stayed put. Ungrateful little git though, took all the trouble of putting food especially for him, but when I looked again, he'd gone!

Oh well, I'd better do something now, been sitting here for more than two hours now, how disgusting in the middle of the day, but it's been peeing down all the time, so don't feel that guilty actually.


oldcrow61 said...

Ah, a little blessing bestowed on you when you got home and he/she is lovely. Looks quite content to have the pictures taken. Hope you warm up soon. Been much the same here lately.

Anonymous said...

Ooooo what a day you v had Jan, nice pics of the squirrel, he's lovely, hav nt seen mine for over a year.

Mary said...

What a lovely little squirrel.I do like to see them although they keep destroying my bird feeders.

Anonymous said...

Hope the weather will improve for you Jan. Love the squirrel pictures-we are overrun with them here. Sorry your friend moved away Jan - life is change. You have lots of friends reading your blog and you never know what will happen next - you could move over here!