Monday, 25 June 2007

Mostly Hoggy stuff

The hedgehog is coming most nights now, sometimes not till after I've gone to bed though, but twice now was just about to close down and turn the webcam off and he's appeared. I was dying to know if it's one that came last year, but hadn't wanted scare it off before he'd eaten. So last night, waited until he moved off the food dish to the water bowl, and dashed out to look. So funny cos he had lots of the peanut skins stuck to his nose! Anyhow, no markings at all, and he is HUGE. Much bigger than any that came last year, about the size of Snuffles, but not him sadly. His favourite food seems to be the soaked raisins and then peanuts, but he's also eating suet pellets. Seems a very healthy hoggy, no tics. After I came back inside, he stayed by the water dish for about 15 minutes without moving, I felt awful that I'd scared him that much, I didn't touch him, only looked and talked! Anyway, he finally had a drink and wandered off toward the camera, still with the stuff stuck on his nose! By this time it was 12.20. I had to wait till he went cos Emma wanted to go out, so that would have really scared him.

Weather is horrendous here at the moment, black skies and lashing down with rain again. There's also strong winds blowing from the north, supposed to be gusting up to 50mph, it feels more like March outside. I can't remember a worse June, I really can't and May was nearly as bad. I am so sick of this weather now, my favourite two months of the year gone, and now the nights start drawing in again before we've had any summer. So depressing. Hope its not like it at Wimbledon, at least there will be something to watch on the telly. Doesn't look like I'll be doing much else today.
Awww look at his little leg..


oldcrow61 said...

Aw, he looks wonderful Jan.

Anonymous said...

Cool shots!

Mary said...

Love the hedgehogs

Karen said...

Lovely photos! I sympathise with you over the weather - I have just spent a weekend away, the rain was just awful plus a howling gale.