Thursday, 7 June 2007

Wednesday - Cei Bach beach

Yesterday went to the above with Irene and Sian after lunch, trying to find some sunshine. Although it was pleasantly warm, the sun and blue sky disappeared mid morning, despite all the online websites and the tv weather and teletext/satellite pictures showing that we were basking in a heatwave, with unbroken blue skies. I wonder where they get their information, I really do. Just makes me so mad. The whole of this area was covered in a blanket of grey cloud. Since found out it was just this area too as usual. So sick of it now.

Anyhow, had a nice walk on the sands, tide going out. Little Sian's first ever trip to the seaside. She coped very well considering she is virtually blind. Her worst habit, although most cockers do it I believe, is weaving to and fro, and because of the extending lead, she gets tangled all the time, hence the picture of Irene trying to unhook her. Emma went for a paddle of course, she loves the beach and had a good old huff about.

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