Thursday, 7 June 2007


Yet another grey day. No wind though, and warm so pleasant enough I suppose, but it does nothing to help my black mood at present. I just don't know how to pull myself out of it. There's a long list of things that are wrong and I can't see any solution to them at the moment, if at all in some of the cases (like my health, there is no long term solution, it will only get worse) However, I said I don't want to blog about all my problems any more, so I will get on with what I have done today.

Well I went across to my neighbour as she was doing some runner beans for me, (I lost mine in the frost last week) but guess what, she lost hers too! Anyway, it's not all bad news, as mine have perked up a bit, they have started to sprout out from further down the stems, so I will have some anyway, and I shall buy half a dozen more just to fill the pot. One of the ones I've got actually has a little red flower appearing. Anyhow, had a chat and a coffee, and tried to get some response regarding the wind farm, but she doesn't seem bothered, as would appear the majority of the village. I told her the facts as I knew them, but I could tell it wasn't going to make her rush to join our protest. She said she doesn't understand about wind farms. Durr???

Anyway, came home, lunched and took Emma to my spooky river spot, as that is generally my place to go when deep in thought and tried to cheer myself up a bit. Took loads of photos of her in the water, her in the buttercups, and some wild flowers, never saw another soul, apart from a guy on a tractor way across the fields where they are cutting the hay. Bliss. Came home and took some more of my lilies which are just opening up, and my little wall basket in the porch which is looking nice. Will post the pictures now anyway. Doubt if I'll be around tonight as I have the wind farm protest meeting at the hall. Waste of time I think, but hey, who knows, I may be able to make a new friend or two. I certainly could use some.

Well right on form from this time last week too, blogger has decided it isnt going to publish photos. Getting right sick of this now, I wasted 10 photos, they are scaled down to 800X600 too. I'll have to do them another time, when is something going to go to right I wonder?


Anonymous said...

1. Take a hammer and break your televison screen and then throw the entire thing in the tipper or whatever you call the garbage pail.

2. Do something useful with your life. You don't like windmills so figure out what else can be done to decrease your country's dependance on fossil fuels. Act on it.

3. Your dog had an eye infection last winter. Now you have one. duhhhh.

4. Read poetry. Get rid of the tv. Now.

Pete said...

nice photos Jan.

Karen said...

The photos are all lovely Jan.
There is such apathy from people these days, they won't bother to fight anything but will still moan when it's there and disturbs them!
I hope you have some success at your meeting.

Jan said...

Thanks for the advice there anonymous, but I don't really get your point, whats destroying a £800 tv going to do for me? And my dog having an eye infection last year and now I have one? Erm, I really don't follow your logic at all. Anyhow, glad you've enjoyed reading my blog all this time.

nicola said...

I dont really get the anons comments either. Although beaking up the tv would be on my list here, but thats other reasons mainly 24 hr csi non-stop!

Great photos jan, your eye possiby hayfever you can get some drops that helps, I get eye problems all year round, all the mucky stringy stuff comes out of them yuck!

GO for it with the meetings, hope you make some new friends, after all isnt that what we talked about, us both getting out a bit more?!?!?!

Anyay, we will have to have a proper catch up soon.

Janine said...

Obviously, anon is suggesting you chop up your tv and burn it as fuel so as to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. And, perhaps the vapors from the flaming mass might cure your eye! ;)

Jan said...

lol janine! Obvious innit!

oldcrow61 said...

Great pictures of the "Little Darling". The flowers are beautiful.