Saturday, 23 June 2007

Another strange thing happened....

Well I thought it was anyway. Yesterday, I went shopping in Morrisons. I keep looking to buy some more flowers or plants to brighten up the front garden, but my heart isn't in it, the slugs are destroying everything, and I don't want to kill them, so it just seems a waste of time and effort right now. So anyway, they had some interesting small topiary thingies in pots, metal frames of cats (no ta) chicken or squirrel. Couldn't decide which one to get, but decided on the squirrel one, because the plant inside was in the better condition. Put in outside with my other bits and bobs. So this morning, Emma yapped in the hallway, and I opened the door to see if someone was out there. And guess what? The squirrel was. The real one I mean! How weird is that. Never before has one to my knowledge come into my front porch. It just looked at me, and then walked away up the front path as if it was an everyday occurrence! Obviously he had found the dish I put there for the hogs, and which I keep topped up all day for the blackbirds and tits.

Well today it has looked like rain all day, grey skies but it did brighten up a bit this afternoon. Took Emma round the Castle at Newcastle Emlyn, haven't been over there for a while now. All the time, I could hear but not see Jackdaws or Rooks calling from somewhere. I mean, loads of them. When I got back to the car, I could see them, there were hundreds, circling above the river, maybe they were finding lots of insects or something. It was a spectacular sight, not really shown up that well in my photo but still. It was on the lines of the Starling roost thing, but on a smaller scale of course.

Came home and cut all the grass which was a nightmare, in some places it was over 8 inches high, the longest it's ever been I think, I'm sure it was only a fortnight since I did it. Still a bit too wet really, but we have lots of rain forecast for the next few days, so had to do it before I needed a machete to get up to the aviary.


Mary said...

Love the little Squirrel.
Its always amazing how so many birds can fly in the sky with out bumping into each other.

nicola said...


Photowalker said...

I love the 2nd picture. Blue sky and a beautiful landscape is just so calming and peaceful. these are the kinds of pictures that inspire me to photowalk.

More power.