Saturday, 9 June 2007

Swansea Springwatch Festival

Today has been about the best and hottest day of the year here so far. Woo hoo, bring it on! As you can tell, I like heat, sun, blue skies, no wind, and best of all something nice to do. Irene and I went to Swansea to visit and support the BBC Springwatch Festival, held in the grounds of the National Waterfront Museum. Lots of interesting things to see, funny green men, a drumming band with girls dancing, displays of things about bees, RSPB stall, just about everything imagineable to do with all types of wildlife, birds and insects, plants and gardens, but the best thing of all was I got to see Iolo Williams in the flesh, in glorious technicolour, and HE LOOKED RIGHT AT ME as I took his photo. *swoon*

After I had recovered from this, he told us a few funny anecdotes about filming his Wildlife Safari, and then showed some excerpts on the big screens in the marquee (I'd already seen these of course from the tv programme) introduced us to the three girls who help out with the filming of his programme. We were so lucky being in the right tent at the right time, as otherwise wouldn't have known he was coming, it just said "meet the BBC presenters" on the website, well we knew Bill Kate and Simon wouldn't be there, never occurred to me about Iolo as he doesn't do Springwatch. So yay, something did go right this week! The BBC site gives a good idea of what was involved, it's also on again tomorrow -

The marina area is very nice, absolutely thronging with people, very cosmopolitan atmosphere today with outside cafes doing a roaring trade, it could have easily been Spain (I wish) There's lots of work still going on around the area, will be lovely when it's finished. The worst thing about it is getting through the traffic in a big city, not my cup of tea I'm afraid.

Just waiting now till it cools off a bit to take Emma out, it's still 82f outside at 4.30 pm, only going to take her over the back fields, can't be bothered with getting the car out today now. Lots of good telly tonight too, looking forward to the final of Any Dream will Do, and the new talent show that Simon Cowell is running, and not forgetting Dr Who. :) So sorry anonymous, no chance of smashing up the telly!

Just to end with a bit of a downer (wouldn't be me if there wasn't something ..) Yesterday heard the news I'd been dreading, but knew was inevitable, unless there is a major hitch now, Irene will be completing the sale of her smallholding next Friday, but as yet not sure if she will have to completely vacate that day or whether the purchasers will allow her an extra day. Personally, I wouldn't have thought so, but still. This time next week then, back to being on my own every weekend.

Nothing good ever last forever they say, how right. Oh well, I shall survive I suppose, I always do survive from the crap life throws in my direction.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jan -- I like this - and I get a good laugh at all your swooning -as I have no idea who the celebrities are-- being I am far away and ignorant of celebrities anyway.

Of course my fav is the boats at the dock - you can just put in hundreds of those pictures please -you knew I would love this little photo tour around.

Anonymous said...

Oh lovely Jan, looks really interesting, I know the marina well, there used to be a gallery on the front called the Ocean Gallery,it's been closed a long time now, but I used to sell a lot of work there, and used to deliver there every fortnight.

Anonymous said...


Karen said...

Springwatch sounds fun! We have an event near us today but I don't think I'll be able to get there.

Pete said...

who ??

Mary said...

Well you had the good weather this weekend..I was in damp drizzly Norwich for a wedding.