Saturday, 16 June 2007


Hospital in the morning, nipped to Morrisons and Pets at Home, then picked up Emma on the way through to Irene's. She needed some moral support having had an awful morning. Too complicated to put in full detail here, but the Solicitors on her sale need reporting to the Law Society. Absolutely disgusting goings on. She had a phone call from the Estate Agent to say the purchasers were about to set off up the motorway to move in! And she hadn't even seen a contract to sign yet! Anyway, things have moved along now, and she spent half the night downloading a contract from an email sent at 9 pm last night, printing it off, and then I had to go over and witness her signature and she posted it off first thing this morning with guaranteed delivery on Monday. So her horse and half the furniture are going tomorrow, her sister is coming up with the horse box. Then on Tuesday, her son has hired a removal lorry and the rest of the stuff and her will be going then. Absolute chaos, as she won't be able to move into the place she is buying for 28 days after exchange! So her furniture is going into storage and she is going to live with her sister.

Apart from that, the weather was horrendous yesterday, it rained like we've never seen before, the road was a running river, hailstones bouncing three feet in the air, water flooded under her back door, thunder, lightening, power cuts. I came home expecting devastation to the garden but it looks like we didn't get it so bad here, my lilies were still in one piece anyway.

Today didn't turn out too bad, no rain, no wind, bit grey, but the sun broke through a few times, and we got to do the longest walk yet in the forestry. Most pleasant. All change tonight though, it's about 9c outside and am feeling cold, and have just made a hot chocolate to warm up, two jumpers on, and the hall rad has been on for the past few nights, I mean this is the middle of June ffs! Feel shattered too, as I only had about 5 hours sleep last night, and am going to have an early night I think. Going over tomorrow to see what I can do to help, and again on Tuesday, which will be the last time I shall see her in a while. Feeling very fed up now that it's all definite and she is going.

When I got back teatime, there was a Collared Dove hanging around the back door, most unusual, they normally tear off as soon as they see me, well she just flew up on the fence a few feet away looking at me. So I got the camera, took a few photos and when I zoomed in, could she she has a damaged beak. It's been breaking my heart because she can't eat. I have watched her trying to pick up food, but it seems it won't open at all. She must have flown into a window I think. Had one here a couple of years back that had done the same, smashed its lower beak through the upper and was slowly starving to death, managed to catch it when it was near death, and had it to the vets, but they couldn't fix its beak, and it had to be put to sleep. Couldn't catch this one though, and she has gone off somewhere with her mate tonight. Poor bloody thing. There's lots of baby blue tits around, got a picture or two of one on the peanuts earlier. There were four red kites circling tonight too, which was a lovely sight.


oldcrow61 said...

Poor Irene, what a mess. We had a blue jay here a few weeks ago with a broken beak, same as your dove. Both of us and two friends were here trying to catch it, but no luck. It eventually flew off and I didn't see it again. I was shattered, still can't get it out of my mind.

Karen said...

Injured birds and animals are distressing to see, I always want to help and usually can't.

Janine said...

The blue tit is so cute!
This weekend We had a bluejay with a broken beak too, it was really bad, the whole lower portion was at a 90degree angle to the top part of the beak. I felt sick looking at him but couldnt catch him. He would go to the feeder and try to eat. :(