Sunday, 17 June 2007


Well the rain held off for another day. Went to Irene's and we did the same walk as yesterday, deep into the Forestry. Lots of strange little black winged insects around, with orange bodies, and bright red eyes. We saw them yesterday actually, there was a dragonfly hunting them, but today there seemed to be a lot fluttering around on the floor, dying I think. Must look them up in a bit to see what they are.

Also saw lots of bunnies, and the cutest little baby robin. No sign of the collared dove with the broken beak today, so I guess it didn't survive poor thing. There has been one here on its own this evening, guess it was the male.

Took the next exciting stage of my lily opening, only about 4 flowers now to come out, but two of them have died and fallen off!

Not much else to report today, will be busy next couple of days helping Irene, she will be gone Tuesday lunchtime most likely, but we still don't know what will be happening with her purchasers, so its looking like I will be carrying on over there to feed the cats and collect the mail for a while.


Karen said...

Your lily is gorgeous! Those insects are very odd, never seen anything like them before. Irene's solicitors do need reporting - what a farce! I hope she gets something off her bill for their incompetence. Your photos are lovely.

oldcrow61 said...

Photos are great Jan. Your Lily is spectacular!